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Steller’s Jay

by Trevor E Holewinski


r s( Cyanocitta stelleri)

The Steller’s is a really quite bird that doesn r t seem to be specifically reluctant of individuals. Although it is charming to check out, it has extremely rough, noisy articulations.

It is the provincial bird of British Columbia,.

This bird is a member of the Jays and also Crows family. Just as the is common on the Coastline of, it prevails on the , from Alaska as well as the Yukon in the north to Arizona and also Mexico in the.


Determining 12 to 13 1/2 inches in length. The crest, back, and breast are blackish. The tummy, wings as well as tail are deep blue. have white touches on the temple and chin though there are some subspecies that do not. Females look the same, yet slightly smaller sized.

This birds call is a loud Shaack! Shaack! Shaack! additionally resemble the screams of hawks.


The Steller’s jay feeds on pests, various other birds’ r eggs and also nestlings, nuts, seeds, acorns and also berries.

They are additionally frequenters of campground outing tables, bird feeders as well as yard and yards.

Jays hoard food like acorns, seeds and nuts in caches around it’s region for celebrations when it can r t locate fresh food.


This varieties of bird can be discovered in camping areas, picnic locations and also towns making it a
rather easy bird for an amateur bird watcher to spot.

It additionally hangs out in coniferous and also combined forests.


They mostly nest in conifer trees, utilizing the needles of the tree to line their nest. The nest is developed of sticks, twigs and mud. Nonetheless, they have adapted to metropolitan life by occasionally nesting under the roofing system of a building.

The female generally lays a clutch of 3 to 4 eggs (though it can be anywhere from 2 to 6 eggs) which she incubates for about 16 days.

The eggs are bluish-green with dark brownish markings. The male Steller feeds the female while she’s incubating the eggs. Nestlings are born featherless. 3 weeks after hatching, they have the very same coloring as the moms and dads.


This species of jay lives in its territory all year. They often stay in hilly areas and also will certainly move up the hill in the summer and back down the hill into the valley areas in the winter.

Other jays of the are The Western scrub jay and also the jay.

Western scrub jays are vibrant as well as acquainted jay of the American, this bird prevails throughout much of the western bogs, especially in locations with oaks as well as pinyon pines.

( Western Scrub imagined.)

It has actually adjusted well to residential areas and comes easily to bird feeders.

Comparable in dimension to Steller’s jay, it does not have the well known crown of its more prominent relatives.

jays are belonging to much of and also the American northwest.

Mainly located in coniferous woodlands.

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