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Hairy Woodpecker

( Picoides villosus)

Hirsute Woodpecker:

The most prevalent resident woodpecker in, the Hairy Woodpecker is one of the most acquainted also. It comes easily to bird feeders and is discovered in a range of habitats and also yards.

Comparable in look to the downy woodpecker other than this bird is much larger.

a downy woodpecker on steroids.


Being available in at about 9 inches long (Downy is about 6″ Prime -RRB-, this woodpecker is similar in look, however much larger after that the tiny downy woodpecker.

The bird’s expense is practically as lengthy as the head whereas the Downy’s bill is only regarding half as long as its head.

Hairy Woodpecker image 1

The upperparts are black as well as white face with black and white red stripes as well as the underparts are pure white.

The man has a red patch at the neck whereas the woman has no red spot.

These birds can be discovered in mature forest, orchards, parks your yards and also feeders.

Woodpeckers are well adjusted to steering around tree trunks looking for pests and also spiders.

Their toes—— 2 dealing with ahead, two dealing with in reverse—— enable woodpeckers to comprehend upright tree trunks and their tight tail feathers provide an additional procedure of support.


The Hairy Woodpecker has a sluggish courtship that starts in deep winter months.

Males drum on trees (as well as on steel eaves and also seamless gutters, home siding, poles, and trash bin) to reveal their area as well as bring in a friend. The majority of varieties mate for a single season and also share much of the work connected with nesting, including digging deep into a nest cavity, incubating eggs, and feeding young. Normally, woodpeckers lay a single clutch of white eggs,

Woodpeckers in southern states might raise two to three broods in a season.


Excavating a cavity in a tree anywhere from 3 to 55 feet above ground. The female lays from 3 to 6 white eggs laid on a bed of timber chips.

Usually the male nurtures the eggs in the evening as well as the female sits on the nest during the day. The eggs hatch out in about 2 weeks. The young are born blind and also featherless (altricial). Their eyes open in about 2 weeks as well as the young are ready to fledge in 28 to thirty days.

Frequently the young will certainly stick with the grownups in family teams until completion of summertime or very early autumn.


These birds feed upon wood-boring insects, berries, and seeds. At your backyard feeders, this woodpecker can be drawn in by offering black oil sunflower seeds shelled peanuts ans specifically suet.

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