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by Trevor E Holewinski

Gail McGlamery – Founder and Contributing Writer

Gail McGlamery – Founder and Writer

Gail is a freelance writer and former environmental educator. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University with a focus on nature education. Gail began her professional career as a Peace Corps volunteer in East Central Africa.

Upon returning to the United States, she has pursued her passion for learning and teaching about the natural world through positions with national non-profits such as American Forests, local grassroots wilderness and nature centers such as Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, and developed and delivered educational programs for the City of Austin Wildlands Division.

When Gail is not writing, she can be found in her vegetable and flower gardens, at her weaving loom, or hiking in nearby wild areas.

Paula Kovecses – Contributing Writer

Paula Kovecses started The Way It Grows in Eastport in 2014 after moving from Weare, New Hampshire in which they owned TWIG Horticultural Consulting LLC from 2005 until October 2015.

Paula has a degree in Horticulture from UNH, is an Accredited Organic Landscape Professional. Paula has over 30 years experience in the green industry.

Derrick James – Editor

Derrick James

Derrick James is a writer and caddie for his birding wife. He has learned a lot about birding, and the associated equipment, by following his wife around on outings. This has brought about an unexpected appreciation for birding and birders.

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking and Travel

Favorite Bird: Kingfisher

Trevor Holewinski – Web Developer

Trevor Holewinski is the founder and CEO of The Holewinski Group, a full-cycle website development company, which integrates content management systems for business owners. Through his years in marketing, finance, and sales departments, he has acquired extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Suite, Crystal Reports, WordPress, PHP, CSS, HTML, and Google Analytics/AdWords/E-commerce Tracking.

The Holewinski Group works with several design firms, including TOMIS, Liquid Spark, Astriata, TechGrayScale, Create 45, Drive Action Digital, Dream Local, Popskull Chicago, Southern Combustion, and RAD Marketing

Trevor was previously employed as Director of Software Development & Technology for IGV Limited, a UK based global e-commerce company. Trevor supported a $25M a year marketing, technology, customer support budget, managed project timelines, mass marketing campaigns, search engine optimization processes, and pay-per-click campaigns to increase traffic and customer retention on various websites.

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