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Safflower Seeds Do birds Really Prefer it?

by Trevor E Holewinski

Safflower Seeds
birds Really Prefer it?

Safflower seeds, the new arrival?

As a bird food, yes it is relatively brand-new.

As a commodity, it is as old as time.

This seed has a recorded history as old as time itself.

Well, almost.

Records reveal its history as a plant originating from the Euphrates River Valley.

Archaeologist findings reveal the seeds as well as oils being utilized on mommies. Their yellow and pink blossoms were used for dyes.

It is grown throughout the globe. From Australia, Mexico, and also the USA.

Safflower seed is grown mainly as an oil plant. For cooking oils etc.

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Like other seed crops, after the oil is removed it is fed to animals.

Okay after that, if this seed is older after that dirt, after that why is it a newcomer as a bird food?

Safflower seed is a family member beginner in the bird feeding sector.

Till the past 3 years or two, it was purely a food crop for individuals.

Cultivators therefore called marketer determined they can make a couple of additional dollars and get a higher cost by marketing it as a bird feed.

Wonderful sales pitches make it bent on be a bird’s preferred food of selection.

You’ve seen the signs laquo Birds love it as well as Squirrels dislike it»

raquo . Yes, It can prevent squirrels to some extent.

Yet once more, some squirrels put on’t mind in all. cardinals like this seed?

Could be, but what if you don’t have cardinals?

Then again, A study by the U.S. and also animals Providers found this item to be just moderately appealing to birds.

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If it is all you offered, then indeed you will certainly obtain some birds as well as a couple of may in fact like it.

Let’s claim, I r m down the street from you as well as I have black oilers and also peanuts and also all type of rewards, then assumption that has the birds?

That’s right, I have your birds

!’I r m not claiming that birds wont eat your seeds, I’m saying that it isn’t the preferred feed that online marketers desire you to believe it is.

The seed has on standard an 8 to 10 percent protein material and also around a 38 percent oil material. plus high in B vitamins.

It is a practical food resource for birds, however not as useful as sunflower seed or peanuts.

It can cost two times as long as sunflowers seeds too.

A plus is starlings can’t fracture them open.

You will certainly find safflower marketed on its own, and blended in greater end blends.

‘t allowed that fool you. experience shows me that it is the last thing the birds eat from blends.

Okay, now you know the inside story and can make your very own educated options on bird feed.

Safflower Seeds and Various Other Feed

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Plant a Wildlife Yard

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Native Trees for Food and also Defense

Bushes Offer Food, Defense as well as Nesting

Plant as well as feed the Birds


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