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Making Birdhouse Gourds

Making Birdhouse Gourds takes a little perseverance, but can be well worth the moment and initiative.

Viewing birds nest in your own homemade gourd nest box will certainly offer you, just a little bit a lot more delight and also satisfaction in attending to our birds.

When to Gather

Collect an inured gourd when the creeping plant has actually withered. Beware to leave the stem connected.

Wash completely in water, wash in a service of 1 part bleach as well as 10 components water, and completely dry with a towel.

If you aren’t ready for them, that r s alright. They will certainly last on the vine for fairly time also in snow.

It’s best to cut the stem with pruning shears so you wear’t swelling it. Leave numerous inches of vine so you can hang it in a cozy dry location.

it in a warm spot or in the basement near your heating system.

If you don’t belong to hang them, placed it on paper in a cozy completely dry location for 3 —— 6 months.

If it is pushing a level surface, make sure to transform regularly. A correct size for a birdhouse gourd has a size of concerning 5-6 inches, to 13 inches, relying on the bird species you intend to attract. Laundry completely in water, rinse in a remedy of 1 part bleach and also 10 parts water, as well as dry with a towel.

Drying out Process:

As it dries out, it will begin to mold. This is a natural part of the drying process.

If dried inside it will certainly grow much more mold and also ought to be often wiped tidy with the bleach solution.

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When making a gourd birdhouse throw out any kind of that come to be soft or wrinkled.

check if it is completely dry, provide it an excellent shake —— if the seeds rattle, you can start making your birdhouse.

Your gourd will end up with a molted, almost turtle shell appearance. That’s normal as well as looks fantastic all-natural.

Products Devices:

Seasoned dried out gourd


Sanding block or sand paper

Compass, or circle design template


hand saw or mini jigsaw

with a small drill little bit, and also sanding bit

Polymer paint, tarnish

A paintbrush or a lint-free fabric

Brush-on varnish

, leather rope or various other hanging product.

Making the Birdhouse Gourds:

Saturate the gourd for 15 mins in hot soapy water, and then scuff with a dull blade to remove the external skin and also mold.

Making Birdhouse Gourds photo 2

Scrub in the water with fine steel wool. Wash it well and permit to completely dry extensively.

situate the bird’s entryway opening, hold it by its stem between your index finger and thumb as well as let it hang. a center point along the outer component of the curve so the opening deals with right out. Not towards the sky or the ground.

The size of the hole on your gourd will certainly rely on the kind of bird you intend to draw in.

When you have the facility marked, take a woodworkers pencil (compass) to lay out the entrance hole.

The entrance hole can be quickly pierced with the proper-size opening saw or by using a keyhole saw.

additional choice is using a 1/4 inch drill bit, and drill a series of holes via the penciled circle. After that finish reducing with a sharp, tough, serrated knife.

Wear a face mask, as the dust is a caustic compound. 2 collections of holes concerning 2 inches from the neck for hanging and also air flow.

Additionally pierce 2 or 3, 1/4 inch openings in all-time low for drainage.

a hole with the neck of your Birdhouse Gourds for so you can run some cord or other product to hang your brand-new developments.

Get rid of the seeds as well as membrane of the gourd through the entry hole with a long-handled metal spoon, screwdriver or a cord layer wall mount.

Sand off any rough sides around the entrance hole.

Dip the entire point in a wood preservative for 15 mins, weighting it down with a brick. After that eliminate it and hang it up to completely dry for a number of days.

Sand the gourd smooth and paint with and also oil-based primer. Permit it to completely dry completely. Paint your house with outside enamel paint (do not use water based latex paint as it will certainly peel) Apply 2 layers.

Embellish anyway you like and hang it in the correct location to draw in the birds you want.

For Purple martins, repaint your gourds white. Two or three layers of outside latex will put a good coating on your birdhouse gourds for martins.

, swallows, as well as wrens enjoy the activity of a hanging gourd birdhouse. Chickadees welcome them as well.

have your Birdhouse Gourds last much longer, bring them in for the winter months, or expand some more following year.

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