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Digging and Preparing Spring Bulbs for Winter

by Trevor E Holewinski

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October 04, 2010


Just when I assumed I had actually seen my last hummer, this plump little fella come by to delight my for a mid-day this previous week.

By the appearances of it, I’m thinking an adolescent male (look close, you will certainly see a little markings where a colorful gorget will be in the future).

I still have my feeders up, however the moving hummers appear to prefer the huge selection of flowers my lawn still provides them.

It’s the initial part of the month which suggests it is time to give your feeders a great cleansing and sanitizing once more.

Make certain to wash thoroughly and also allow to dry before filling them again.

It’s good to see American robins again,.

You might or may not recognize this concerning robins.

After mating period and also raising a family is provided for the summer season, most robins will certainly remove.

some cases to cooler locations, but mainly they will remain neighborhood, socializing in as well as near open timberlands.

It is since the change of their diet plan.

No more are worms most importantly on the food selection (warm dry problems pressures worms deep right into the ground).

I keep my lawn and yard sprinkled, I have plenty of worms, but no robins during the warmth of summer.

This time of year fruits, berries as well as pests obtain prominence as well as they seem to like nature’s habitat.

Nature determines this adjustment of diet no matter what.

As summertime begins to wind down and also the temperature levels cool down, robins appear from their open forest feeding grounds.

Great days placed bugs right into a dormant state and also end up being tough to locate.

Most berry shrubs are done fruiting.

Commonly fall methods more rainfall as well as rain means worms pertain to the surface area once more as a robin’s diet modifications to include fruits, insects and worms.

A cozy fall day additionally gets the bugs moving also.

Toss in the pre movement loosened flocks and you might see scores of robins in any provided area.

Simply one more among our Creator r s

r several marvels. It is nice to see the-crowned sparrows once again, I found them initially this past Wednesday.

southerly friends, be patient as they will be there quickly sufficient?

(Excuse the bad digital photography, it was from a window near sundown).

They drop in every spring and also fall for concerning 3 weeks on their method to springtime reproduction premises in northern and winter season migration grounds starting a pair hundred miles south of right here in Southwest Michigan.

They are constantly welcome, as I take pleasure in the happy noises of these birds.

For the past couple of years, has experienced Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic problem identified by extensive discomfort in your muscular tissues, ligaments and also ligaments, in addition to exhaustion and also numerous tender factors —— position on your body where mild stress causes pain.

For, weather seem to play a significant roll in exactly how she really feels on an offered day and this makes planning points a little bit tough.

She sleeps a lot also.

Anyway, we were honored with a couple of close to ideal very early Fall days this previous week.

That indicated an opportunity to get to downtown Grand Rapids and also see some of ArtPrize

r . This is the 2nd year of the event/competition and already it is the largest of its kind worldwide as well as has some nationwide acknowledgment.

Artist from around the world flaunt their work.

For a few of the art, words can’t be located to describe it. Others make use of art to make a declaration and so on.

For more recent readers, I welcome you and please understand that the art I’m proving is not an once a week point, yet I felt it was worth sharing several of it with you as well as to show I do have a bit of life or culture:—RRB- There were sculptures/art made from trash and a Lion made from nails.

A few of the photos today are from our mid-day of no discomfort (for) as well as enjoying a wonderful day.

The image of the casket is constructed from thousands of cigarette butts while stogies compose the deals with.

The image of the lady’s face is constructed from numerous bottle corks.

The Bronze male is a living statue (Shangle), you really need a dual take on him.

Digging and Preparing Spring Bulbs for Winter photo 0

There are a pair pictures of paintings,

One photo is made entirely of press pins.

The huge dime is made from countless genuine dimes (old and new)

And the one that had us totally wonder struck was an illustration by LaPorte labelled, « laquo Calvary, American Administration, 1921» raquo done totally in # 2 pencil.

You will certainly see a wide sight and also a close or 2 of this artist’ r

s work. If this one doesn r t win

I might upload pictures of my gladiola and also dahlia bulbs, however what enjoyable is that.

Today’s subject gets on l Digging and Preparing Your/ Tender Bulbs or ’

r . Several of you are seasoned experts at this and might just skim over this.

We had our very first killing frost last evening and I recognize much of you have had a murder frost and also are already digging away.

, I know we have many brand-new gardeners and garden enthusiasts that, for the very first time have actually grown some tender bulbs as well as may require a little bit of suggestions.

If absolutely nothing else, enjoy some of the art.


Just how to overwinter summer bulbs:

most parts of the nation, non-hardy summertime light bulbs, such as gladiolas, dahlias, caladiums, and elephant ears, won’t endure over the


But all is not lost. You can collect the light bulbs, store them over the winter, and also replant them next springtime. A

great deal of job? Not really, specifically considering the cash you’ll save

. This my not be a concern for you if you live in warmer climates or where the ground doesn’t

freeze. However, for those people that must dig as well as store, these tips might can be found in useful for you.

Kept effectively in a cool dark area, summertime bulbs and also roots can endure the winter months, ready to be potted up in springtime, or planted right into the yard for even more summertime flowers.

These light bulbs (practically, rhizomes, corms, and also bulbs in addition to light bulbs) stem from tropical or subtropical climates and also will certainly pass away if left in the ground in areas where the ground ices up.

When should you dig them up?

Take a look at the foliage, if the leaves are environment-friendly they are still functioning to supply food to replenish the light bulb.

Once the foliage starts to turn yellow its work is done, indicating that it’s time to collect the light bulbs

. This usually occurs around the initial light frost.

For many light bulbs, you can cut them back and dig them up after frost has smudged foliage.

A good frost quits the growing juices from streaming.

Very carefully remove as much soil as you can.

Right here’s what to do

: Cut the fallen leaves off, leaving a stem about an inch or more long. Leaves and stems are not needed, as the plants are going to be dormant as well as not making any kind of development via the wintertime.

Using a spade or fork, really carefully loosen up the soil around the plants and also gently raise the bulbs from the ground.

Gently reject excess dirt as well as throw out any bulbs that reveal signs of disease or rot.

or spread out the light bulbs is a cozy, completely dry place, out of straight sun, to « laquo remedy raquo for seven to 10 days. When bulbs have actually treated, cut the continuing to be vegetation down 1/2 inch from the bulb.

You can either carefully clean the dirt off the bulbs or light bulbs, or just allow it completely dry and also function it off by hand later on.

I prefer to wash my own off.

Leave light bulbs or bulbs revealed to air in a frost-free area for a number of weeks.

Any kind of remaining stem ought to be dry prior to going into storage, or else rot could create.

Shop in vermiculite or completely dry peat (offered at garden centers) in paper bags or cardboard boxes in an awesome, frost complimentary place at 40 to 50? F (5-10? C).

Some gardeners safeguard the cured bulbs from disease by cleaning them with a fungicide, such as sulfur, although I’ve never ever done this as well as have actually had continued success throughout the years.

bulbs are vulnerable to drying up somewhat, and also these must be saved in a little moistened peat moss or saw dust.

Check them via the winter season, as well as if they’ve shriveled, moisten the peat moss or saw dirt.

Some authorities recommend plumping shriveled dahlia light bulbs up in a container of water overnight.

If you do this, let them completely dry completely prior to you placed them back into storage space.

You can even do this with the dwarf potted one you purchase as an annual.


Digging time for the bulbs depends upon the growing day.

Raise them, a spading fork will do, when development has quit but prior to foliage turns brownish, generally 6 weeks after growing, as glads need time to grow a new corm.

the, (zones 3-6) dig them prior to cold climate comes, as corms hurt,

Cut off tops just over the corm, and also store in an open box to let them treat for a month.

You can make your very own shallow screen-bottom tray containers for keeping them or punch holes in a cardboard box.

This enables blood circulation of air via the corms.

Digging and Preparing Spring Bulbs for Winter photo 2

Deep containers like bushel baskets keep them too warm and also restricted, as well as they aren’t advised. After the corms have cured, tidy them by removing the run out roots at the base of the new corm, as well as break short the dried out old corm.

Leave the husks on the new one unless there is danger of thrip problem.

Store in a trendy, dry location.


any type of suitable climate zone, wait till frost eliminates the foliage of the cannas and then cut it off to just above the tops of the bulbs.

environment zones 8-11, your light bulbs need to over winter season in the ground simply great.

Zone7 needs a compost covering.

colder environment zones, dig the canna light bulbs up.

Tidy them of excess dirt by cleaning off the dirt delicately with your fingertips, a paper towel or a soft tidy fabric.

I choose to clean my own off as well as throw out any type of damaged ones.

Enable to air dry for numerous states to permit open areas to scar over.

Take the bulbs inside to a location where the temperature won’t decrease below 40 levels Fahrenheit for the whole winter.


The best time to dig or remove from pots remains in the autumn in the past, or following, the first frost.

Sometimes the plant will certainly transform a light color of yellow. This is one more indicator that it is time to dig it up.

Thoroughly get rid of all stems and brush away all of the loosened soil.

a fast visual assessment for weevil damage.

This will certainly be apparent if there are little holes went into the root as well as it will certainly need to be disposed of.

Thoroughly place the tubers in completely dry peat or sawdust, making certain that they are thoroughly covered.

You can make use of a flower pot, paper bag, or whatever you have handy.

Store the bulbs in a trendy dry place where they will certainly not end up being wet or frozen.

Get and replant the roots in February or after the last frost to plant once more.

Cleaning the freshly discovered bulbs is optional, however I like to clean all my bulbs off

If you do clean them, make sure that you do not keep them while they are damp.

Make certain that they are totally dry before covering them for the wintertime.


They are extremely sensitive to cool as well as durable just in USDA zones 9 through 11, to zone 7 with heavy mulch.

Calla bulbs can be dug, overwintered indoors as well as replanted in the late springtime to be grown as annuals in cool climates beyond their natural array.

The best time to harvest calla lily light bulbs for spreading, moving or winter months storage space is in the early fall before the first frost.

Be sure to reduce the tops initially prior to you dig, or you will certainly tear off as well as split your bulbs.

Dig deep into the dirt really meticulously from around the boundary of the calla lily plant or bulb. Begin digging a border trench at the very least 6 inches from the major stem of the plant was.

Dig a trench a minimum of 8 inches deep to ensure that you can obtain under the bulb with your shovel or trowel, enabling a barrier of an inch or 2 of dirt.

Thoroughly loosen up the origins from the dirt.

Lift and bar the light bulb and root mass carefully in a number of places around the trench boundary to loosen up the origins.

Raise the origin mass and also bulb from the loosened up soil of the trench.

lift the calla light bulb and the attached roots from the soil.

Beware, light bulbs tear quickly.

Delicately reject any kind of excess soil from the bulb, once more, I clean mine down and enable to air dry for several days.

Shop it in a dry, dark and also great place at about 50 to 60 levels F.


Saving caladium light bulbs is not advised since bulb size normally decreases after one year’s

growth. I understand I have actually surrendered trying to save them.

If you want to attempt to save caladium bulbs for an additional year, dig them as soon as possible and also allow to completely dry in a well-ventilated but shady location.

Raise bulbs in autumn as well as dry in warm place over 40 levels.

After 7 to 10 days, eliminate fallen leaves and also dust, after that pack in dry peat moss, vermiculite or similar material for storage space. bulbs so they do not touch each other.

container in an area where temperature won’t drop listed below 50 levels F.

Try to maintain light bulbs from touching each various other.

Second year vegetation is normally not as good as the initial year, consequently extra satisfying outcomes might be obtained by starting with brand-new tubers yearly.

For planting or replanting, Soil temperature level needs to be at least 70 levels.

Elephant Ear:

Digging and Preparing Spring Bulbs for Winter photo 3

The plant will start having difficulties when the temperature level falls below 50? F (9-10? C) or two for more than a couple of days.

Before freezing temperature levels take over, the bulb (origin system) will certainly need to be collected.

Again, I prefer to reduce the substantial fallen leaves initially and also do a final trim after digging, as the massive fallen leaves will tear away at the bulb otherwise removed before digging.

A healthy and balanced plant will have created several new bulbs throughout the growing period. It’s best to leave

these undamaged during storage. Separation will certainly refrain from doing considerable damages though.

Cut a lot of the eco-friendly plants (leading development) off the top of the tubers: leave no more than fifty percent to 1 inch of leafy growth on the root.

Allow the fresh cut tubers being in open air so they can noticeably dry prior to last storage (maybe a couple of days at a lot of will certainly do).

Drying out will reduce the potential for mold, and also germs to establish.

Store the tuber during the colder, winter season in a trendy, completely dry place (45-55? F is desirable).

‘t store in a plastic bag, as with all bulbs, air flow is a must.

You might intend to keep in dry sphagnum peat moss, saw dirt or yard vermiculite.

When the cozy season comes around once more, different the roots as required, plant a brand-new and enjoy.

Well, it is time to fly in the meantime.

Prior to I go, here is your positive idea for the week.

The mediocre teacher tells. The great teacher explains. The premium teacher demonstrates. The excellent teacher motivates.

I have actually utilized this quote in the past, yet it is worth duplicating over and over again.

Did you have an instructor or somebody special that motivated you in any way?

For me it was my Physical Education or fitness center educator, Mr Knobloch.

When you most likely to a smaller sized college as I did (Wayland was course C and tiny B at the time), you typically have a particular teacher greater than as soon as.

Phys. was no exception.

I had Mr. Knobloch with and also my Freshman, as well as Senior years.

Mr Knobloch also showed a background class (you obtained it) and also was the football as well as battling train.

Train Knobloch should’ve seen something in me that I didn’t see.

influenced me (and also rode me difficult sometimes) to be my finest and also to keep at it.

(That implied a few additional push ups nd a few extra laps.)

By my elderly year, I was his right-hand man male.

When graduation day came, I came near coach Knobloch to thank him.

I started out with « laquo Hello Train raquo

. promptly claimed to me


laquo me, your a male currently raquo Knobloch died several years ago, however I will never forget that guy for exactly how he influenced me.

Just how he saw something in me that I didn’t know existed. saw a male as well as I will for life be happy to Coach Knobloch for his ideas and also relationship.

Hopefully our parents inspire us also.

A lot of times it doesn’t always happen that way.

the later years of my mom’s life, she informed me I was not just her boy, however a close friend too. I was speechless as well as what a wonderful honor.

(No I didn’t start calling her.)

Teachers that influence .

Are you one that motivates?

God Bless.

I no more call you slaves, since a servant does not recognize his master’s business. Rather, I have called you pals, for everything that I picked up from my Daddy I have made recognized to you.

15:15 (International Version)

« laquo Treat the planet well:

It was not provided to you by your moms and dads,

It was loaned to you by your children.

We do not acquire the Earth from our

Forefathers, we borrow it from our Children.»

raquo Ancient Indian Proverb

Your good friend indeed,

PS. If you delight in these letters, please ahead them to friends, family members and co-workers.

Better yet, have them register so they can get their own letters.

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