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October 11, 2010


Pleased Thanksgiving to every one of our Canadian Friends (Monday October 11, 2010).

Is turkey a major keep for your thanksgiving feasts like it is below?

I may still hesitate of my very own shadow, however a minimum of I look excellent.

(Ziggy the Toy Poodle sporting his new haircut.)

Ziggy is endure as long as there is a door in between him and also whatever, yet take him for a stroll and it is still a various tale.

Much to my joy, the killing frost in environments areas just nipped a couple of impatiens, so I’m still gathering a few tomatoes, peppers, some natural herbs, and also one last cucumber (possibly 2).

Is it still took into consideration Indian summertime if I didn’t get nailed yet bordering locations did?

The remainder of recently was almost perfect weather condition wise as temperatures commonly climbed right into the 70’

r s The warm summer season as well as dry loss has allowed most of the local farmers time to collect corn and soybeans ahead of routine this year.

get out if possible and also delight in some of the loss festivals as well as while your at it, find a celebration that prefers some of the regional bird migrations.

There are hawk migrations to see as well as Sandhill cranes.

This previous weekend there was a Sandhill crane festival at sanctuary below in Michigan.

Loss can be an extremely busy and interesting time for everyone.

I have listened to and read comments concerning a lack of Northern cardinals as well as American goldfinches at yard feeders.

This occurs with other bird species as well, but we appear to notice more when our actual colorful birds are lacking.

If you are brand-new at feeding birds, American goldfinches have pretty much transformed colors now.

No more will you see a bright yellow bird, however rather you will certainly see a dull olive eco-friendly bird.

Include in that these are wild animals as well as nature’s bounty(seeds )remains in complete glory, your birds are hectic gleaning what God put there for them.

This is why I am slow-moving to reduce spent blossom stalks, birds are hectic as well as appear to favor what is natural for them or still on the stalk in a manner of speaking.

cardinals appear to be virtually embarrassed to be seen when they are molting and also go right into hiding.

Just how can such a Regal bird be seen while looking a mess.

(A juvenile cardinal in molt. Notice the patch job of color and also the grey expense and also feet are transforming shades too.)

Also if they are a little bit ashamed to be seen in this condition, the fact is this.

When birds molt, they shed some of their capacity to fly as well as maneuver.

The loss of a couple of wing and also tail feathers create dangerous times and also an open feeder can spell trouble.

Bits-N-Pieces photo 1

Your cardinals remain in concealing to some degree till they have actually molted as well as once more, nature is giving food for them as well.

I have several juveniles cardinals that check out, yet they aren’t as sensible right now and also they recognize where the « laquo very easy pickins are»

raquo .(A dragon made from trash and also a paint portraying the Underground Railroad)

as well as I managed to get downtown for a couple more hrs of ArtPrize.

Please humor me as I once more share some art with you one more time.

Truly amazing a few of the talent these artists have.

You will certainly see a mosaic constructed from glass ceramic tile,

A wood sculpture from an old tree root and also added drift wood (marketing for $200,000).

work made from items of pastel.

A painting made from a series of dots.

A made from resin and various other material that looks so genuine, you virtually anticipate him to open his eyes.

For the gardener, a piece called wheelbarrows and shovel.

Elected as ArtPrize champion ($250,000)was undoubtedly the 28’x10 prime pencil drawing of the 1921 American Calvary Officers (envisioned recently).

I might include, that the general public customers (you and also me) pick what art piece victories.

(Photo made from items of crayon and also pastel shavings.)

If you live in the north or pleasant areas, currently is a great time to check out your birdbath heaters to ensure they are functioning.

The last point you want is a split birdbath from ice growth.

If you put on’t have a heater, check into obtaining one that has a thermostat control constructed in.

You pay a few even more bucks for a good heating system, however it runs just when the waters gets to 40 levels F. as well as below.

It activates for chilly evenings and also turn off when it gets above 40 degrees.

It needs to also have a 3-4 year guarantee with it.

(Constructed from tinted glass floor tiles.)

Fall is also an excellent time to clean up and repair bird residences or nest boxes.

Tidy as well as sanitize your boxes and also leave them out for wintertime birds to utilize as a roost box.

Repair as well as loosened nails or screws.

Less costly boxes are created with staples as well as will certainly always divide and also crumble, check into far better quality boxes that utilize screws.

Are you thinking of paint or putting a printer toner on your boxes?

Consider this prior to you do it.

It is natural for you as well as me to wish to paint them in bright and ornamental shades.

DON’ r

T. Instead repaint or stain in neutral and also earthy tones.


While we take pleasure in the bright shades, and also birds will certainly make use of a brilliant colored box if they need to, birds prefer the natural tones (believe nature right here).

Contribute to that this issue .

Killers can see the brilliant shades better than we can and that is not what you have in mind.

Bits-N-Pieces image 0

Next off, paint or stain with a water base product, not oil base.

Oils and toxins can damage your feathered good friends.

Permit to dry entirely prior to you hang them out once again.

As appealing as it is to make use of intense colors, please put on’t for your birds

benefit. You are just making a brilliant target for all to see.

(Grandfather made of material and other products like genuine hair.)

One thing nice regarding Horticulture For Wildlife» raquo is how basic as well as easy it can be.

No longer do I worry about the best looking and also weed free blossom beds.

If plant material is free of disease, it goes right back right into the beds.

Right there and also now.

and also plants make a thick ground cover that choke out most weeds prior to they can begin.

Shredded tree fallen leaves are right there as well.

There it breaks down, making the soil a bit richer as well as provide a home for wintering insects which consequently, feed my birds.

One more perk

very early springtime, several of this debris is made use of by birds as they build nests.

Even more bird action as well as isn’t that one of the reasons why we yard?

Continue your program of getting residence plants ready for the long dry inside winter months.

Proceed excavating and also prepping your tender bulbs for winter.

Continue to water as required.

Of course, keep feeders filled up.

(Made and also carved from driftwood.)

Prayerfully,, and also I will be gone Tuesday through Thursday on a color scenic tour and also other things.

The weather is always a concern this moment of year, but we aren’t able to just obtain up and also go currently

. Plans are for the Grand Traverse Bay (MI.) location and also if depends on it, I’m sure a long time will be invested at a couple of stores.

I will reach your mail when we return home.

, I haven’t done this for a while, yet with numerous new viewers, I believe this is a great time and hopefully you will jump in.

Periodically I ask you for your favorites

This time it will certainly be your favorite feature of.

Me, I’m currently eagerly anticipating springtime, however I can still enjoy some aspects of.

I like the sight and also sounds of Sandhill cranes as they slowly fly over.

-crowned sparrows that come by for a check out.

God’s shade pallet is best.

The feeling of awesome air with the heat of the sun whipping on me.

Checking out among the Great Lakes is constantly special for me.

Fresh apple cider.

Bits-N-Pieces photo 3

Fresh air and other things.

Okay,, give it some believed as I will certainly publish your faves over the following a number of weeks if I obtain adequate responses.

Remember, this is your e-newsletter also as well as you make it work.

Along with your favorite things about, I will certainly require your

Given name (last optional)

City or basic location,

State or District

Just believe, you get released in a newsletter for all to see as well as you can share your fame with others.

Well, it is time for me to fly in the meantime.

Before I go, right here is your favorable thought for the week.

I long to complete a great and worthy task, but it is my principal obligation to achieve small jobs as if they were excellent as well as noble.

(1880-1968) American Author

All frequently our tiny tasks and also jobs we regard worthless are excellent and also worthy.

Who is seeing when you provide an aiding hand?

That is enjoying when you grin at a complete stranger and also say hello?

Straightforward jobs you might not even consider, but may be life changing to somebody else.

Similar to growing a seed.

A seed grows into a plant to create fruit as well as even more seeds.

Your noble deed or task simply may produce more than you can ever before visualize.

Treat each day, every little thing you do as a noble as well as possibly life modifying task.

Until following time,

God Bless.

However the one that received the seed that fell on excellent soil is the guy that listens to words and understands it. generates a plant, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.»

raquo , 19:29 (International Version)

« laquo Treat the planet well:

It was not offered to you by your parents,

It was lent to you by your children.

We do not acquire the Earth from our

Ancestors, we obtain it from our Kid.»

raquo Ancient Indian Proverb

Your friend indeed,

PS. If you appreciate these letters, please onward them to good friends, family as well as colleagues.

Better yet, have them join so they can obtain their own letters.

Horticulture For Wildlife.

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