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Tree Swallow

( Tachycineta bicolr)

Tree Swallows are great birds. Not only do they captivate us with their airborne talents, yet they prey on copious amount of bugs.

That wouldn’t welcome these energetic bird wonders to their backyards and gardens?

The Swallow leaves its wintering premises along the seacoast from the Carolinas to California to begin its period of mating and nesting practices.


The Tree Swallow is 5 to 6 inches long.

The Male has iridescent blue upperparts and also bright white underparts. loss, the upperparts might show up green. The female has duller, brown upperparts as well as grayish underparts.

The lady has a premature tuft in the 1st year (in some cases second year). This allows her to approach reproducing adult birds and also their nest without being chased after from the pairs nesting site.

If anything occurs to the breeding lady as well as she passes away, the younger women bird can replace her.

This helps ensure an effective breeding season.


after showing up on their breeding grounds in mid to mid courtship begins. The swallows perch near their nest openings or on top of nesting boxes.

Flutter-flight and also bowing screens from the man are done in front of the females.

Sometimes one may see these birds billing. This is the practise of a mating pair touching costs with one another.

Real mating takes place about a week prior to egg-laying starts.


Tree Swallows choose open locations near water or in dead trees at the waters edge for nesting.

This bird is a dental caries nester and is a suitable prospect for manufactured bird houses.

Competition from Wrens as well as Sparrows makes it a lot more crucial to put and also keep an eye on bird residences for these elegant fliers.

Do not hesitate to put bluebird home near each various other, Bluebirds will take one bird residence as well as the swallow will happily take the other bird house.

These birds protect just the nest itself. If predators or human site visitors approach the nest while the birds are around the birds may swoop down toward the trespasser, turning at the last minute directly missing the intruder.

The nest is constructed mainly by the woman, although the man does some event of products. Cup formed and also made from turfs for a foundation as well as lined with plumes.

The nest structure process can take as long as a month however generally completed in 2 to 3 weeks

The female lays 4 to 7 white eggs which are incubated for 13 to 16 days. Often, throughout egg laying and also incubation time, the nest may be abandoned for a few days.

Throughout this time you’ll see no activity around the nesting website. Within 3 —– 4 days the birds return.

This leave-of-absence apparently has no effect on the success of the young birds hatching, just postponing the event.

The female ingest does the job of incubation as well as both moms and dads feed the young. The young birds will leave the nest in 16 —– 24 days after hatching out.

1 —– 2 broods each period.

Diet regimen:


early autumn the Tree Swallows will start moving southward. winter months they feed in big flocks up until very early springtime moving back in a lot smaller flocks.

Tree Swallows move south the least of every one of our swallows.

They wintertime from southern The golden state,,, and the Gulf Coast southward to Panama.

The Tree Swallow and also Various Other Usual Birds

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