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Spring Azure Butterfly

by Trevor E Holewinski

Azure Butterfly

( Celastrina ladon)

The Azure is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family members. It is located in from Alaska and southern of the tundra with the majority of the USA other than the Texas coast, southern plain as well as peninsular southern in the hills to Colombia.

This butterfly is on the wing from early spring to fall, as well as often longer in the Deep.

This butterfly is just one of the earliest butterflies to emerge from its pupa as well as therefore proclaims the beginning of spring as well as much better weather condition to come.


This butterfly is generally a metallic-blue over and also grey below.

It does exhibit huge variations in color depending on the moment of year and geographical area where it is located.

From wing tip to tip, this small Azure procedures 3/4 of an inch to 1 and 1/4 inches.

Spring Azure Butterfly photo 1


This butterfly frequents woodlands, parks, open areas, roadsides and gardens.


Women Azures typically fly up into trees, such as dogwood and also down payments their eggs on the flower buds.

Male Azures can be seen congregating in superficial mud-puddles and also moist dirt along stream, roadways and also ditches.

Larvae and Hosts:

Chosen host plants consist of numerous shrubs and trees.

Dogwood (Cornus), viburnum (Viburnum), Jacket tea (Ceanothus), blueberry (Vaccinium),

Larvae are green or pinkish, with a dark red stripe on the back.

Nectar Plants:

Azure butterflies enjoy cress (Aribis), buckeye (Aesculus), violet (), winter season cress (Barbarea, dandelion (Taraxacum) and also a host of others.

Plant a number of low expanding blooming plants in your yards to attract this tiny charm.

mud-puddles or sprinkling openings for all your wildlife.

fresh water for every one of your wildlife.

They are variously known as Azure, Azure, Hops Azure and also Azure.

Up until lately, all American azures were taken one hugely variable varieties, as well as their category is still being studied.

It has been recommended that we layman merely delight in these butterflies as azures as well as leave it at that.

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