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Red-Winged Blackbird

by Trevor E Holewinski

Red-Winged Blackbird

( Agelaius phoeniceus)

The Red-winged blackbird is just one of the most plentiful birds in.

It can be found in wetlands as well as agricultural areas throughout the continent.

lots of northern locations, it is changing the American robin as the harbinger of.

The bird’s gurgling track laquo oak-a-lee raquo is a typical sound in swamps and also yard gardens and also feeders.

spring evenings you might stroll by a swamp or marsh and listen to thousands of these birds as they prepare to roost for the evening.


The Red-wing Blackbird is 7 to 9 1/2 inches in size.

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The male bird is black with red shoulder surrounded with yellow.

Ladies have to blend in with the landscape when nesting. She is brown over and also heavily spotted brown below with a sharp-pointed bill as well as an enthusiast, creamy colored brow.

The young males resemble the grown-up female bird, but darker and also with an orangish shoulder spot surrounded by white. Women young are like adult female.

Red-Winged Blackbird Mating:

A very polygamous species, with one man having up to 15 different ladies making nests in his region.

some populaces 90% of territorial men have more than one lady.

However, from one quarter to as much as fifty percent of the young in his nests do not come from the territorial male. Instead they have been sired by neighboring men.

The male Red-winged Blackbird very protects his region during the reproducing season. may invest greater than a quarter of all the daytime hours in area defense. attempts to maintain all other men out of the territory and also safeguards the nests from killers.

will certainly strike a lot larger pets, consisting of horses and also individuals.


The nest is built by the lady as well as is cup designed, made of yard, lashed to reeds or in little shrub. The female lays as well as incubates 3 to 5 light blue, significant with zigzag lines of brown or blackish eggs.

Incubation will last regarding 12 days and the young will leave the nest in 10 to 13 days after hatching.

These birds have actually been the topic of much research, and also several understandings into breeding actions have actually been gleaned from this species. One searching for is that young women fledge even more little girls than kids, yet older females fledge even more children than little girls. Middle aged birds fledge regarding the very same numbers of women and men.

The factors for the sex proportion differences in broods are not clear, yet this is undoubtedly pertaining to the polygamous reproduction method that requires a lot more women than men in the population.

Obtain too near to a nest or recentlies established as well as you will certainly obtain struck, frequently pecked in the head if you aren’t watchful. This I have experienced more than as soon as.


These Blackbirds prey on seeds, grain, insects and crawlers. They openly involve gardens as well as bird feeders for cracked corn or seed mixes, sunflower seed and shelled peanuts.

the spring as well as fall they have a tendency to appear at feeders in big groups.

I know they clear my feeders in no time at all at all.

This types of blackbird Migrates from and the north part of the United States, joining their southerly members in the lower 2/3’s of the united state Red-Winged Blackbirds and Other Usual Birds

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