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Red-Tailed Hawk

by Trevor E Holewinski


The Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Among my preferred birds as well as the most generally seen hawk, the Red-Tailed can be located all throughout.

Favoring a variety of open habitats, this bird can be seen holding still right into the wind while searching its prey.

This is called kiting, an ability that eagles as well as some hawks use to search for prey.

The huge birds will encounter the wind as well as hold their wings out as well as almost hover.


A big bird, this procedures 19 to 26 inches in size with a wing span of 4 1/2 feet. The woman is up to a third larger than the male.

The tuft of these birds varies depending upon the region in which it lives.

Normally, the grown-up bird is a dark brown above, white breast, and also a band across the belly.

The tail is a brick red on the upperside.

Immature Red-Tails are comparable in appearance, other than the tail is brownish and also banded as opposed to reddish.


At 2 years old, Red-Tailed come to be sexually mature as well as choose a friend. The companion might be a young bird too or a more experienced partner that lately shed its friend.

The breeding as well as reproducing behaviors of these birds include aerial screens of twirls, spins and also deep dives suggested to advertise their readiness for breeding.

Commonly the pair will do this in tandem producing a dance in mid air, as well as is quite a sight to see.

The reproducing period starts in late winter season, very early springtime.

Usually monogamous birds, remaining with the very same friend throughout the reproducing period and also usually pairing forever.

Looking for a new companion just if the original partner is lost.


The man and also women join the building of the nest which is a system created of sticks as well as branches, lined with bark and plant.

The nest lies in a tree 15 to 120 feet above ground. Occasionally nest are improved high cliffs.

The women lays 1 to 5 blue white eggs with dark marks. A lot of frequently lays 2 to 3 eggs. The eggs are incubated by both male and also female (mostly women) for 28 to 35 days.

The young will leave the nest in 44 to 46 days after hatching out.

Raises only one brood a period. re-nest if first nesting effort is unsuccessful.


to medium-sized animals, mainly mice, ground squirrels, rabbits, birds, as well as reptiles are eaten by this hawk. Red-Tailed hunt by stroking down from an elevated perch to take their target, snatching birds while flying, or seeking target from reduced level trip.

They will certainly additionally take food from various other types. This is called pirating.


Just the northern populaces of this types of hawk (Alaska,, northern USA) migrate southern in winter months. Others are non-migratory.

the neighborhood resident pair of Red-Tailed remain through out the year in southwest Michigan and also provide me wonderful happiness.

Life expectancy:

The typical life expectancy in the wild varieties from 13 —– two decades. captivity, life expectancy can be longer.

These huge birds were as soon as ruthlessly hunted. Fortunately legislations have actually altered as well as with even more open areas to quest from, they have made a strong return.

We need predators to aid maintain rats and also other animals in check.

Red-Tailed as well as various other Typical Accounts

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