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Red Admiral Butterfly

by Trevor E Holewinski

Red Admiral Butterfly

( atalanta)

Red Admiral Butterfly

The range of Red Admiral Butterflies expands from northern, throughout the USA, with Mexico, and as much southern as Guatemala.

This butterfly is additionally discovered in Hawaii, Europe, Northern Africa, Zealand, and in as much eastern as Iran.

Badly called, this butterfly is really a « laquo

. raquo Description:

The characteristic pigmentation of the Admiral Butterfly is a black hind-wing with a red-orange marginal band the dorsal fore-wing is additionally black with white markings near the peak.

These butterflies often tend to have a brighter pigmentation and a bigger body mass during the summer season than throughout the winter season. The legs and also eyes of Admirals tend to be hirsute and also the head is reasonably huge.

The wing span of this butterfly ranges between 1.75 and 3 inches.


Red Admirals are thought about to be people-friendly butterflies that will certainly come close to and also perch on human beings.

respect to various other butterflies of their species, however, the male butterflies are known to be territorial in order to find a mate.

Males usually assert an elliptically shaped location ranging in between 4-13 m wide as well as 8-24 m long. safeguard this location, the males will certainly patrol their territorial borders approximately thirty times an hour.

If a burglar enters their location, they attempt to drive them away by out-flying as well as out-maneuvering the intruding butterfly.

These Admirals often tend to be spooked and quick insects that rapidly transform direction throughout the program of their flight.

The types seems most energetic throughout the spring as well as fall months, its trip time lasts from up until November.

Adults will hibernate throughout the cold weather.


Red Admiral Butterflies have a tendency to be found in moist atmospheres such as marshes, woods, fields, yards and also yards.

These butterflies can not stand severe winter cold and are compelled to move southward during the winter months to warmer environments.

During this migration they can be discovered in environments varying from subtropics to tundras.

Larvae and also Hosts:

The women butterfly deposits her eggs on the top surface of the leaves of the stinging nettle (Urtica dioica ).

After a number of days a little larvae sneaks out of the egg, as well as promptly starts to consume.

Growing « laquo False nettle raquo in your yards will certainly attract them as well.

Like various other bugs, they have an exoskeleton, which indicates that their skin is solid and leatherlike and can not grow with them. The old skin is for that reason dismissed and also replaced by a roomier new skin.

The lives upon willows, poplars, and also elms.

Premature larvae often tend to live amongst the leaves of these trees, while elder larvae will certainly build a nest of fallen leaves as well as silk.

A fully grown larvae is round in shape and has branching spines organized in rows lengthwise.

as well as Food:

Mature Admirals often tend to eat fermenting fruits, bird droppings, as well as sap from trees.

Butterflies are fond of nectaring at composite blossoms, such as milkweed, aster, and alfalfa. coreopsis, coneflowers, phlox and also a host of others.

They also delight in an excellent wet place. Be sure to supply water or a mud-puddle in your gardens.

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