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Crescent Butterfly

( Phyciodes tharos)

The Crescent is an usual butterfly throughout most of the United States, besides the Northwest ans severe Southwest.

It is generally on the wing from springtime to drop as well as can be seen year round in areas of the Deep.

One of one of the most ubiquitous of the garden butterflies.

Crescents is understood to dart out after things tiny as well as large.


This butterfly is predominantly orange above, with numerous black patches and also a black margin.

It is lighter orange on the bottom.

Pearl Crescent Butterfly photo 1


This butterfly is found in numerous open locations where its host plant « laquo Asters raquo

happen. This consists of uninhabited whole lots, roadsides, meadows and also your gardens if you have asters growing.


Men are energetic mud-puddlers and also are commonly seen patrolling open areas in search for ladies.

This butterfly is a dorsal basker (enjoys a sunny location) and a low flier.

Larvae as well as Hosts:

The larvae feed of numerous types of aster. They are mostly black, with yellow bands as well as areas with numerous black spinal columns diminishing the body.

Nectar Plant kingdoms:

Crescents delight in composites such as thistle (Cirsium), aster (Aster), Gloriosa sissy (Rudbeckia hirta) as well as a host of various other nectar rich plants.

Make certain you have a wild version of Rudbeckia. The garden variety R. Goldsturm is more eye-catching, however creates much less plant pollen and also nectar.

a mud pool or wet place to attract a range of butterflies to your yards

A butterfly garden has numerous plants with level headed blossoms like -eyed-susan, asters, phlox, sunflowers and so on.

Plant your flowers in teams as the are much easier for near sighted butterflies to find.

More vital are the host plants for the larvae. Without the host plants there wont be the next generation.

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