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Basic Birdhouse
Maintenance as well as Safety and security

Time out for some standard upkeep.

Since you have every little thing proper for your bird house, have a look at how to make it secure.

Does your nest box have correct ventilation, drainage, and also susceptibility to predators.


Without air vents, boxes can turn into bird ovens. There are two means to give ventilation:

leave spaces in between the roof covering and also sides of the box, or drill 1/4″ Prime holes just listed below the roofing.


Maintenance likewise deals with water. Water comes to be an issue when it sits in the bottom of a bird home.

Eggs will certainly rot if they sit in water and also children can ice up or sink.

A roof covering with enough incline and overhang supplies some security. Exploration the entry opening on an upward slant might also help maintain the water out.

Face your nest boxes away from the prevailing winds. For me I attempt to encounter my homes to southeast.

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Regardless of design, driving rain will certainly get in via the entrance opening.

You can ensure appropriate water drainage by removing the corners of the box floor and also by drilling 1/4 inch openings in package flooring.

Nest boxes will last longer if the floors are recessed regarding 1/4 inch.

Entryway Hole:

Look for maintenance of the entryway opening (as well as departure) on the front panel near the top. A harsh surface both inside and out makes it much easier for the adults to get involved in the box and also, when it’s time, for the nestlings to climb up out.

If your box is made of finished wood, include a couple of grooves outside below the opening. Open up the front panel as well as add grooves, cleats, or wire mesh to the within.

Additional job may be needed if squirrels or various other birds begin work with the opening. Search for unique metal plates designed to walk around such holes.

They are created as well as made simply to hinder others from harming the entry opening.

If you have the methods as well as implies, making your own hole plates or guards ends up being basic protection for all your nest boxes.


Never ever install a bird house with a perch below the entryway opening. Perches deal starlings, residence sparrows, and other killers a practical location to await lunch.

If you discover that home you just have to get as well as it has a perch, perform some simple surgery by reducing the perch off.

‘t be attracted by those lovely duplexes or houses that have more than one entry opening. With the exemption of purple martins, cavity-nesting birds prefer not to share a residence.

While these condominiums look excellent in your yard, starlings and house sparrows are the only birds inclined to utilize them.

Straightforward Upkeep:

Standard maintenance is making your bird houses easily obtainable so you can see exactly how your birds are doing and also, when the moment comes, clean out your house.

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Component of being a liable bird house landlord is upkeep and your determination to watch
out for your occupants.

Monitor your bird houses each week and also kick out undesirable creatures: residence sparrows, starlings, rodents, snakes, as well as pests.

Be careful when you examine your bird boxes. You might locate something other than a bird inside. ‘t be amazed to see squirrels, a computer mouse, a serpent, or insects. Try to find fleas, flies, mites, larvae, as well as lice in all-time low of package.

If you locate bugs as well as parasites, your first response might be get hold of the nearby can of insect spray.

If you do, use just pesticides understood to be safe around birds: 1% rotenone powder or pyrethrin spray.

If wasps are an issue, some basic maintenance as well as action on your part is all
you require.

You can layer the inside top of package with bar soap like, nonetheless soap flakes may obtain consumed by child birds.

I such as to spray cider vinegar, or mint oil mixed with rubbing alcohol on inside as well as outside of my nest boxes. Both are safe food things and also wont injury birds.

When making use of Mint oil, purchase pure oil from a health food type store, or one that offers crucial oils, not the mint from the baking area from your food store.

a spray bottle, mix 25% mint oil to 75% rubbing alcohol. Shake prior to utilizing. Spray freely on and also inside the nest box.

( Take care not to take a breath focused oil fumes.)

Birds have a poor feeling of scent, but insects quest by smell and also steer clear of.

Plus, if mint or vinegar jumps on the bugs . they are goners.

I utilize it and also it functions.

When your cleansing out your nest boxes, do some simple maintenance by checking for lose screws and nails.

Some simple up maintain currently will assist to keep your bird homes choosing years ahead.


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