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( Strymon melinus)

Hairstreaks are frequently neglected as a result of its little size, this hairstreak is a typical butterfly of scraggy, disturbed areas.

Environment, open deciduous woods, shorelines, roadsides, chaparral, old fields, parks, uninhabited lots, as well as other open rooms.

It flies quick and irregular, and also visits flowers regularly.

Especially keen on composites, the hairstreak likes a steady platform on which to land and also very easy accessibility to the nectar in numerous short-tubed blossoms like the disk florets in composite flower heads.

The hairstreak’s wings listed below are light grey with 2 rows of black areas described in white.

The top wing surfaces are dark gray with a white edge. Each hindwing bears a big brilliant orange spot and 2 hair-like tails.

The sexes are comparable, however ladies have broader as well as even more rounded forewings.


Gray Hairstreak image 1

7/8 -1 1/4″ Prime (2.2— 3.5 centimeters). Upperside blue-gray with big red or orange area on hindwing women browner.

Listed below, dove-gray straight, thin frontwing as well as hindwing red as well as black midband lined with white bold orange and also blue spots above tail, black spot at HW outer angle (tornus).

Abdomen has orange sides.

Similar Species Avalon Hairstreak sandy-buff listed below with lowered bands and also orange. Other similar hairstreaks are browner or lack bright orange place above.


Open, non forested websites common in disrupted, slim locations.


The hairstreak are one of the most extensive hairstreak in can be located in southern from British Columbia to Maritimes, throughout the continental United States and also south right into Mexico completely to Venezuela.

Gray Hairstreak image 2


2 flights from -September in the north, three-four flights from February-November in the south.

Trip Variable, variety of broods enhancing southward: 2 in, 3 or even more in -October.

Life process:

Men perch all afternoon on tiny trees as well as shrubs to seek responsive females. Eggs are laid singly on blossoms of host plant. caterpillars eat flowers as well as fruits. Chrysalids hibernate.

The tiny environment-friendly eggs are laid alone on the buds and also flowers of some typically uninteresting into them. They are in some cases farming parasites

The caterpillar is understood regionally as the « laquo cotton square borer,» raquo as well as has upon celebration damaged business bean, jumps, as well as cotton crops.

Older larvae might feed upon host plant leaves.

Caterpillars variable, normally grass-green to clear eco-friendly, with white to mauve angled side stripes various host plants are virtually 200 various types in several family members. The young larvae eat blossoms and also establishing fruit,

Host plants for the hairstreak consist of corn (Zea mays), oak (Quercus), cotton (Gossypium), strawberry (Fragaria), and mint (Lamiacea), legumes and mallows favored. Chrysalis brown with large black mottling.

The mature caterpillar is incredibly variable but is usually unmarked red brownish or green as well as covered with brief hairs.

It has a really little head. The pupa is light brown with countless dark spots.

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