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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

( Papilio glaucus)

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a huge butterfly with a wing span of 3 to 6 inches. It is discovered in much the USA, as much west as Colorado, and also as far north as southerly Vermont,

It flies from springtime through autumn, as well as the majority of the year in the southern parts of its variety, where it may produce two or three broods a year.

the Appalachian region, it is changed by the closely-related and only lately described larger-sized Appalachian swallowtail, as well as in the north, it is changed by the closely-related swallowtail.

These three species can be extremely hard to identify, as well as were formerly all taken into consideration to be a single types.


It is the state butterfly of,, Alabama, and Delaware.

Adult males are yellow, with four black « laquo tiger stripes raquo on each fore wing. The tracking edges of the fore as well as hind wings are black which is braked with yellow places.

On the median margin of the hind wing alongside the abdomen there are small red and blue areas.

There are 2 morphs of grown-up ladies, a yellow and a dark one. The yellow morph is similar to the man, other than that the back wings have a location of blue in between the black margin and also the major yellow area.

the dark morph, the majority of the yellow areas are replaced with a dark grey to a black. A darkness of the « laquo tiger red stripes raquo can still be seen on the dark women.

The dark kind is a lot more typical in the parts of the variety, especially in locations also populated by the Pipevine Swallowtail, which it appears to imitate.

Eastern tiger swallowtails usually reside their wings completely spread, particularly if the sun is out.

Host plants as well as larvae:

Female Swallowtails lays round environment-friendly prompt the top of leaves of host plants. After hatching, the caterpillars commonly eat the covering of their egg.

The initial instars are dark and imitate bird droppings.

The 2nd and third instars utilize mimicry camouflage to the extreme. Existing quietly on a branch or fallen leave the caterpillar appears to be a piece of bird excrement however if disturbed rears its head as well as acts like a hostile snake comparable to the Hognose Serpent.

If disturbed enough, it will certainly prolong 2 red horns called osmeterium from its underside that appear like a serpent’s tongue. This fearful visual camouflage is typically sufficient to frighten or mislead a curious bird or killer.

The larvae eat the leaves of a wide variety of host plants, consisting of cottonwood, tulip tree, pleasant bay, as well as cherry.

Grownups are purely diurnal they begin to fly towards twelve noon and also soon go back to rest throughout the mid-day.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies occur in woodlands, parks and also gardens.


A high flier, Eastern tiger swallowtails of extract from blooming trees, but will eat short flowering plants also.

Usual site visitors to mud pools and other standing waters.

Males tigers patrol different locations trying to find females.

Nectar plants:

Butterfly bush, lilac, honeysuckle, milkweed and various other nectar abundant flowers.

the right is a photo of a black women Eastern tiger swallowtail.

bring in Swallowtails as well as other butterflies, supply nectar blossoms, host plants, shelter and a mud puddle for good step.

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