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Eastern Meadowlark

by Trevor E Holewinski

Eastern Meadowlark

( Sturnella magna)

The Eastern Meadowlark has an intense yellow breast embellished with a distinct wide black locket (in the shape of a V), brief tails and also brief rounded wings, white external tail plumes, long starling-like bills, as well as brown-streaked backs.

The women looks like the male, but is smaller.

This bird is anywhere from 8 1/2 -11″ Prime in length with a wingspread of 13 1/2 -17″ Prime . These birds are chunky, ground-dwelling birds and can be found in grasslands, fields, fields as well as open areas, but the population has actually been reduced due to city areas, as well as reservoirs.

Eastern Meadowlarks are not larks, as their name suggests, and are not « laquo big little starlings» raquo as the scientific name, Sturnella magna, suggests.

They are part of the team referred to as the « laquo Blackbirds raquo which include the cowbirds, grackles, Red-winged Blackbird as well as others such as the orioles which are also non-black blackbirds.

spring, the male will certainly flaunt his colors and also sing from the top of a fence article to let others know it is his area and also alerts other males to stay away from the women in the location. Their territorial size ranges from 3-15 acres.

You may commonly see him encountering the sun to reveal of his intense displayed breast

Eastern Meadowlark photo 1

One of my warm childhood memories is the tune of the meadowlark.

The song of the Eastern Meadowlark is a whistling see-you-see-yer or putting words to it would certainly sound like « laquo springtime is here raquo which they sing while set down on a fence article, tree, post or on the ground. They utter harsh alarming notes to declare their region.


This Meadowlark is wide-spread in the eastern USA as well as south-eastern prolonging as much west as Arizona. It is additionally resident in the Bahamas as well as prolongs southern to Mexico.

Vary similar to the Western Meadowlark in appearance, with the track being the huge difference.

Courtship Nesting:

spring, the male shows up initially to the nesting premises as well as establishes his territory.

The women arrive approximately 7-14 days after.

The male Eastern Meadowlark’s success depends on the territory and his tune.

Men are polygamous and protect their area which is large sufficient for 2 or three friends.

The women builds the nest which is constructed of dried out grasses, ache needles, horsehair, and also plant stems. The nest is domed formed with the entrance on the side and also built on the ground in fields, corn areas or small orchards.

Throughout the months of to, 4-5 eggs are laid which are white with dark brownish to purple speckles.

The women meadowlark nurtures the eggs which takes anywhere from 13-14 days as well as broods the young. Both moms and dads feed the young, however the male generally brings the food and provide it to the woman who passes it on the young.

The initial young will leave the nest within 11-12 days.

All-natural Feeding Behaviors:

This bird’s diet regimen consists of about 70-75% pests such as insects, crickets, beetles, ants, crawlers, as well as wasps.

They walk around on the ground in grassy, weedy and also roadsides searching for insects.

winter, they consume grains and also weed seeds.


Migration is restricted to the north extremes of the Meadowlark’ r

s range. Meadowlarks will winter season over in the southerly parts of the United States as well as into Mexico.

Western Meadowlark

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