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Eastern Bluebird

Sialis salis

Attracting Eastern Bluebirds and to much better understand their nesting, breeding, as well as feeding behaviors can be done by positioning birdhouses and also providing the food these birds appreciate.

This details is given to assist you understand the needs of bluebirds and also exactly how you can attract them to your yard.

Once a hazardously low populace, Bluebirds are starting to make a comeback many thanks to people like you.

Interesting to note, bluebirds were when as typical as the American as well as also stayed in the suburban areas.

declined partially from nest competitors with Sparrows and also the European, both presented types. Loss of environment is another factor.

Via the efforts of the American Bluebird Society, as well as various other teams and also individuals, bluebirds are beginning to really flourish.


Eastern Bluebirds measure 6 1/2 inches in size. The man has brilliant blue upperparts, reddish bust, and white belly.

The woman has a buffy throat and bust, grayish-blue head as well as back with light blue wings as well as tail.

These Bluebirds can be discovered in country gardens, orchards, as well as rural gardens near open farmland. Their arrival in very early spring is a sure indicator that winter is on the escape.

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The reality that these birds are dental caries nesters makes them perfect candidates for a bird residence. truth, if there was ever a bird seeking our assistance in offering nest boxes, it is the Eastern Bluebird.

The Bluebird’s nest is constructed from yards, plant stems, yearn needles, as well as lined with hair, feathers, and also fine yards.

The nest is put in a birdhouse, or abandoned woodpecker opening usually 3-20 feet above ground. The women lays in between 3-6 pale blue eggs.

The female will certainly breed the eggs for 13 —— 16 days as well as the young will leave the nest within 15 to 20 days.

The Male Eastern Bluebird will commonly maintain feeding the recentlies established while the women starts a second nest.

Commonly the very first brood will certainly aid in taking care of the 2nd and also 3rd broods.

If you intend on installing a nesting box, location it on a pole within 4-5 feet of the ground.

This elevation will certainly assist inhibit home sparrows and also make it simpler for you to monitor.

The box should be dealing with far from dominating winds and have proper predator guards.

prevent killers, make use of baffles or some other guards on the poles as well.

on predators listed below for some concepts.

Eastern Bluebird photo 2

Maintain a close watch on your nesting box as well as get rid of nesting materials from residence sparrows and also starlings.

If you aren’t helpful, you can acquire nest boxes suitable for surveillance.

These boxes have a built in clear side and you can get cameras also.


When it involves feeding, Eastern Bluebirds consume large quantities of pests. Eighty percent of their diet regimen originates from bugs during spring and summertime.

enhancement to pests, these birds eat berries and fruits off of little trees and bushes like dogwood, mulberry, as well as lots of others.

You may wish to attempt positioning dried out fruit and/or cut peanut kernels on a platform type feeder.

There are other means to tempt these birds, the very best of which is to use them mealworms in a tray feeder.

Bluebirds are very keen on mealworms, and also if they are presented active, as well as in a tray feeder, there is a possibility of success.

Mealworms are inch-long larvae, with brownish, crusty coverings, offered from pet supply shops or online.

They are cost-effective as well as last a very long time if kept in a fridge. American, Catbirds, and Mockingbirds might also be brought in to feeders consisting of the worms.

Some individuals expand their own mealworms to conserve money.

They also can be drawn in to bird baths, especially if the water is moving and also makes sprinkling sounds that they can listen to at some distance.

Whether it’s a birdhouse, mealworms, or water that attracts Eastern Bluebirds to your yard.

Bluebirding is a huge duty, if you are up to the job, you will be awarded with among our most beautiful looking and appearing birds.

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