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Corn Works as an Inexpensive Bird Food

by Trevor E Holewinski

Corn Functions as a -cost

first bird food was Cracked Corn.

Yep, means back when I was a 10 or 12 year old child.

I made use of mother’s old hand crank meat mill to grind up those hard bits.

Split or whole it’s an affordable bird food. Often it is used to ground feeding birds like quail, doves, juncos jays as well as a host of other ground feeding birds.

Squirrels as well as chipmunks will consume it in addition to long as there is nothing much better to consume like sunflowers and peanuts.

Maize has a lengthy background.

Its source is Central.

Researchers figure that Indigenous American Indians first started to cultivate it or its precursor (Teosinte) more than 7,000 years earlier.

Corn as we know it is a cultivated plant just. It can not grow wild.

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The indigenous people discovered just how to plant in squares of numerous rows as opposed to one long row.

They found out quickly about pollination and hybridization to raise their yields.

Absolutely Nothing Went to Waste.

Husks as well as leafs were made use of to make baskets, floor coverings and also other beneficial things.

Now, if you put on’t understand exactly how these gold kernels pollinate it is extremely easy.

The tassel is the male part of the plant. This is where the plant pollen is.

The ear is the women and also every silk is a female organ waiting to be fertilized.

By planting in a block, you are much more ensured of pollination then if grown in a lengthy row as it is pollinated by the wind only.

As the Indians immigrated, they took it with them as a main stay in their diet plan.

of the foods we call as Mexican like tacos as well as tortillas originate from Indians in Central as well as the Southwest United States.

Birds discovered to amass areas and pick the leftovers and to tidy up as it was being ground into food.

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It is a high energy food, very abundant in starch. 72 percent starch that is converted into power.

It does not have protein, nevertheless. On average the corn we feed our birds and also livestock has an 8 percent quantity of protein.

There is 4 percent fat as well as a low 2 percent fiber content.

Birds are able to convert the starch to power and also fat, but still need even more protein in their diets.

The majority of birds will certainly eat corn if that is all there is to feed on. I recognize, when I was feeding them cracked bits, we had all type of birds.

Numerous reduced end bird feed blends are full of cracked « laquo Maize raquo to drive the rate down.

While it is a viable bird food, it is low end.

Yes, I feed the fractured stuff all year round.

I toss a few of the broken kernels on the ground near bushes as well as under trees. Ground feeding birds get on it the majority of the day.

This likewise maintains sparrows away from my feeding stations.

What the birds wear’t get, the

rabbits will. A little reward for you the leftover bits act as a pre emergent herbicide. The gluten kills off weeds seeds as they sprout.

Corn and Various Other Feed.

Indigenous Trees for Food as well as Security

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Indigenous Bushes

Native flowers

Indigenous Turfs


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