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Clouded Sulfur Butterfly

by Trevor E Holewinski

Clouded Sulfur Butterfly

( Colias philodice)

The Clouded Sulfur is a pretty yellow butterfly typical throughout most of the USA and except for the coastal areas of, Texas and The golden state.

It is on the wing from springtime to drop in most areas, sometimes longer in warm environments.

They are also known as the Mud Butterfly, because men love gathering around wet locations on roadsides and gardens.

Clouded Sulfur and also the carefully associated Orange sulfur (Colias eurytheme), has complied with the spread of agriculture, since the larvae eat different participants of the pea household, such as clover as well as alfalfa.

Although parasites to farmers, both varieties of sulfur are excellent for butterfly garden enthusiasts, considering that clover and alfalfa are easy to expand in home yards.

Sulfur Summary:

Both genders typically have pale yellow wings above with no traces of orange, unlike its close relative the orange sulfur which might also be yellowish. Men have tidy boundaries, while women have yellow dots within this area.

Women in some cases show a white kind referred to as ‘’

Clouded Sulfur Butterfly image 1

l r . The bottom of the male’s wings is yellow while the women’s is yellow or green white, and both have an increased hind-wing area trimmed in brownish red. The hind-wings show a series of four small red places along the outer 3rd section, a quality that distinguishes the various other types such as Colias interior, with exception of the orange sulphur which additionally shows them.

From wing suggestion to wing idea, it determine from 1 as well as 1/3 inches to 2 as well as 3/8 inches (32-54 mm).


Sulfurs are discovered in different open areas where clover is plentiful, consisting of areas, roadsides, parks and yards as well as gardens.

Swarms of these butterflies will certainly gather together at mud pools. They range over most of with the exemption of Labrador, Nunavut, and northern Quebec.

Different members of the pea household, especially clovers (Trifolium), are the principal host plants.


Members of this household can typically be seen basking with their wings shut, sidewards to the sunlight.

Male sulfurs patrol areas trying to find receptive women and typically gather at mud pools.

Sometimes the Clouded and Orange Sulfurs interbreed, producing crossbreed butterflies that have particular characteristics of both parents.

Larvae and also Host Plant Kingdoms:

The Orange sulphur is a lot more partial to Alfalfa.

Larvae are dark environment-friendly, with a dark red stripe on the back as well as a lighter red stripe on the side.


Aster (Aster), Goldenrod (Solidago), Phlox (Phlox), Clover (Trifolium) and also others.

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