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Barn Swallow

( Hirundo rustica)

The Barn Swallow, with its unique lengthy forked tail, makes it the simplest of American swallows for bird viewers to recognize.

Although in trip the plumes are swept back and also develop a solitary lengthy factor behind the bird.

You can constantly tell when has actually gotten here.

One certain sign of summer season for any person that appreciates bird watching, is this bird flying back and forth to any open barn, outhouse or bridge in the country as well as ending up being much more common in suburbs as well.

They spend even more time in the air then practically any type of other land bird.


Measuring 5 1/2 to 7 inches in length with sharp wings and a deeply forked tail.

Barn Swallow image 1

The expense is extremely brief. Dark blue-black over with a dark rusty throat. The rest of the underparts are a buffy or light corroded.


Swallows are generally monogamous, men mating with a single female. Although rare, males sometimes will certainly couple with 2 females.

males that might attempt to copulate with her.

Solitary males will attempt to damage eggs and also exterminate infants in an effort to mate with the lady.


Both the man and also female swallow construct the nest, generally in the morning and making up to 1,000 trips to gather mud.

Although this bird initially embedded in caves and also on rocky high cliffs, the barn ingest was quick to capitalize on man-made structures. Today these birds nests only in organization with manufactured frameworks.

The nest is a cup of mud pellets lined with yard and plumes, developed under eaves of buildings, hing on a light beam or some forecast in barns, under bridges, in culverts, or sometimes in a specific niche on a high cliff.

The female lays 3 to 8 white eggs that are found with red brown. The eggs are incubated for 14 to 16 days and also the young will leave the nest in 18 to 23 days.

2 broods a period may be tried.

Combined males will boldy protect the little area around the nest and also secure his mate from various other


Barn ingests eat flying bugs as well as prey on the wing. During the breeding season these birds will feed in pairs and also fly at a low altitude, usually over areas, gardens as well as water.

Throughout the non-breeding season they will certainly feed in tiny, loosely developed groups.

Farmers appreciate the Barn swallow as an all-natural insecticide. You may drive by any type of farm or rural area during the summer season and enjoy the winged acrobats flying and swooping over areas and also yards as they are being trimmed, cut or disked.


watchers can look for these swallows in open country and marshes, specifically near barns, outbuildings, bridges, and culverts.

pest eating bird, These swallows move of the boundary and well into.

Barn Swallow and Various Other Usual Birds

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