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Anise Swallowtail Butterfly

( Papilio zelican)

The fantastic tinted Anise Swallowtail varies throughout the western United States and also southwestern.

It is seen flitting through canyons and also meadows where its favorite host plant fennel or wild Anise grows.

This swallowtail is on the wing throughout the year in southern The golden state and also in and throughout the rest of its all-natural array.

It is specifically typical in California where fennel grows normally along roadsides, vacant lots, canyons and also in your yards.

Due to the fact that fennel is so very easy to grow and save, the swallowtail can be raised from egg to grown-up inside and afterwards launched.


The Anise swallowtail is yellow as well as black, with stunning patches of blue on the hind wings and an orange place on the within each back wing.

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Typical size is 2 and 5/8 inches to 3 and 3/8 inches wing pointer to wing pointer.


This types is discovered in a variety of environments, from hill peaks to valleys and also yards.

urban settings, you might see them in uninhabited lots parks, canyons and gardens.


Males invest a lot of their time on hilltops, where they perch and patrol looking for ladies.

They also form at mud puddles sucking up wetness and also nutrients from damp areas.

Larvae as well as host plants:

Larvae prey on various members of the carrot family members consisting of carrots, parsley, anise and fennel.

larvae are black with white markings, resembling bird droppings.

Fully grown larvae are green with black bands that have yellow stripes.

Plant plenty of host plants in your yards.

Maintain netting over the ones you wish to keep for human usage, this keeps the lady from laying rally your selection plants.

Nectar flowers:

These swallowtails actually enjoy Lantana, Zinnia, Agapanthus, Butterfly shrub and other open blossoms they can rest on in your yards.

Include a mud pool for extra enjoyment.

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