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American Painted

( virginiensis)

American Painted Butterfly:

Although this Painted is wide spread throughout the United states and also reduced, this butterfly is much more typically seen in the than it remains in the.

It is on the wing from springtime to drop and can be seen all year in some warmer regions in the deep.

Like the very closely associated Painted (Cosmopolitan), its numbers vary from year to year as climate and predators play a substantial consider their numbers.

With its exquisitely, vibrantly tinted upper side, and many-patterned underside, this butterfly is genuinely a view to see.


The American Painted is primarily orange over, with black and also white wing pointers and also blue areas on the back wings.

The top side with unequal brown, yellow, and also orange pattern. The fore-wing with a black apical patch, a tiny white place in the orange field listed below the patch, and also a white bar at the leading edge of the fore-wing.

The underside of hind-wing has two large eyespots.

The winter form is smaller and paler, summertime kind bigger with brighter coloring.

span differs from 1 as well as 3/4 to 2 and 1/4 inches, making this a medium sized butterfly.

American Painted,
Routines, Hosts, and also Larvae


The Painted favors open, bright locations,

like open areas, fields, parks and your yards.


Throughout the afternoon, men perch on hilltops or on reduced plants if there are no hills. Females lay eggs alone on the top of host plant leaves.

They also collect at watering openings (wet locations) to gobble a good drink of water.

Caterpillars are solitary, living as well as feeding in a nest of fallen leaves tied with silk.

Adults hibernate.

Unlike its cousin the Cosmopolitan, this butterfly is only sometimes migratory.

There are three to four broods from -November, all year in the Deep as well as Texas. It is not known if grownups can endure extremely cold wintertimes the might need to be recolonized annually by southern travelers.

Host plants as well as larvae:

The Painted Larvae prey on different plants in the sunflower household long lasting, pearly everlasting, plantain-leaved pussy toes, wormwood, ironweed), as well as burdock.

The larvae is black with yellow cross bands and also a row of white areas on the sides.

Nectar plants:

Marigolds (Tagetes), goldenrod (Solidago), aster (Aster), butterfly shrub, (Buddleia davidii) and a host of other nectar abundant flowers.

Plant several of these in your yards to draw in numerous butterflies.

Local in the southerly USA, Mexico, as well as Central southern to Colombia.

Migrates to as well as briefly colonizes the northern United States, southern, the Indies, and also Europe. Uncommon stray to Newfoundland as well as Labrador.

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