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American Kestrel

Falco sparverius

The American Kestrel is one of the few raptors with strongly sexually dimorphic tuft. It is the smallest and most delicate-looking of our falcons, with lengthy wings as well as a long tail. Its head is blue, brownish, and also white.

Male Kestrels are brightly colored, with reddish-brown backs, slate-blue wings spotted with black, as well as tan breasts with black areas. The male’s head is blue and brown, as well as both sexes have bold, black eyespots at the necks of their necks.

Female Kestrels are brownish streaked with black on the back, as well as white spotted with brown on the bust. The lady has several bands on her tail. Both sexes have 2 bold, upright face red stripes.

Maybe one of the most vibrant raptor in the world, the American Kestrel is the most typical falcon in.

Typically called a Kestrel hawk or sparrow hawk, this little beauty is a falcon, not a hawk.

Measurements for both sexes.

Length: 8.7-12.2 in (22-31 cm)

American Kestrel photo 0

Wingspan:.21 -24 in (51-61cm)

Weight 2.8 —— 5.8 oz (80 —— 165 g)


American Kestrels are located in a wide variety of open habitats, among them farming areas, grasslands, sagebrush, shrub-steppe, steppe, as well as dry forest areas. They capitalize on clear-cuts and are normally discovered where open locations are incorporated with setting down spots, such as trees, energy cords, as well as fence blog posts.

This falcon types in a selection of open habitats, consisting of fields, grasslands, deserts, park, agricultural areas, urban and suburbs.


Kestrels are frequently seen floating in flight or perched upon cables in open locations. American Kestrel can commonly be identified from afar by its characteristic tail-bob and its hunched shape.

It watches for prey from high perches, such as trees and also telephone poles. Also hovers and drops on victim.

Nestling kestrels back up, raise their tails, as well as squirt feces onto the walls of the nest cavity. The feces completely dry on the cavity walls and also stay off the nestlings. The nest reaches be a stinky location, with feces on the wall surfaces and also uneaten parts of little pets on the floor.

Diet plan:

The diet of the Kestrel consists generally of big bugs such as grasshoppers, tiny animals, little birds, as well as sometimes reptiles.


Kestrels nest mostly in cavities, normally 10-30 feet off the ground. They commonly utilize high cliffs as nesting locations.

Old woodpecker holes, natural dental caries, and also manufactured nesting boxes are all utilized. They will certainly likewise nest in openings in manufactured frameworks. The women lays 4 to 5 eggs, although this might differ. Pair bonds are virginal, and both moms and dads incubate for 29 to 31 days.

When the young hatch, the female broods them as well as the male brings food.


American Kestrels living in north environments typically move south, while kestrels at southern and mid-latitudes do not usually move.


Current counts recommend a declining population in some regions while others reveal an increase. The Kestrels’ r readiness to utilize synthetic nesting boxes bodes well for the species, since cavity-nesters are often restricted by offered natural tooth cavities.

There has been a substantial decline (suggested by Breeding Atlas information), possibly because of a loss of nesting dental caries. Another reason may be boosted predation by ‘s, a species that has actually recoiled in the last few years

American Kestrel and also Other Usual Birds

Residences and Nesting Boxes

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