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What Animal Hibernates the Longest?

by Trevor E Holewinski

When it comes to finding out what animal hibernates the longest, you may be surprised to find out that it is the Common Poorwill. The frog can stay cold for more than a year without eating, and it only takes seven hours to warm back up again after sleeping for more than 100 days. There are many other animals that can also survive in this way, but the Common Poorwill is unique among them.

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Some animals hibernate for days or weeks, while others spend months. Of course, not all animals really hibernate. Some animals are constantly awake, and some even spend some time in a refrigerator! Turtles can be very different from one another, and their hibernation time varies depending on their species and environment. Box turtles, for example, can hibernate for three to five months a year. During this time, they slow their metabolism and reduce their heart rate to five to ten beats per minute. They also stop breathing entirely and take oxygen through their skin, but not at all from the air.

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Some animals go into torpor, which is a state of inactivity where the body conserves energy. In a nutshell, they go into a coma-like state, allowing them to conserve their energy for the cold months. However, some animals do not migrate. Instead, they hibernate in a warmer climate. These animals spend up to six months in their cold-weather state.

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Hibernation is a process that differs from sleep. It is different from sleeping, and hibernating animals are still required to arouse themselves periodically. Nevertheless, hibernation is not just limited to cold-weather creatures. In fact, a tropical critter might hibernate to avoid the heat. So, don’t limit yourself to just one species; there are also tropical hibernators.

Some animals are capable of hibernating for months on end. The most notable of these are the edible dormice, which can live for 11 months at a time. While other animals might sleep in the open, these mammals prefer their winter home. They can survive the cold months through fat stored on their bodies. This helps them survive harsh conditions in their habitats. A lot of the animal species in the world can be found in a single place.

Not all animals hibernate. Some animals do not actually hibernate. In contrast to humans, they enter a dormant state. It is not true to say that they sleep in the winter. Most animals are active during the day, but most dormants do not. So, bears and edible dormice are the most long-term hibernating animals. They can stay asleep for months or even a year.

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