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November 03, 2014


There is still plenty of loss shade.

It is more spread, nevertheless.

I’m sharing a couple of photos of trees this past weekend.

gum trees, Some maples and the dreadful pear offer fantastic shades.

Pet dogs are extra usual this time around of year also (envisioned at the bottom).

October 31st brought the initial snowfall of the season.

It’s not uncommon to have some kind of snow autumn before November.

It never ever stays this moment of year.

is having her Gallbladder removed today (Monday).

I comprehend it is instead common surgery, yet is not a common person.

Instead of outpatient, she will certainly remain in the healthcare facility to better keep an eye on and check for seizures (brain harmed).

(Gum Tissue Tree.)

Once again, comes the change to getting dark a hr previously.

Constantly an obstacle for me.

After Tuesday, say goodbye to political ads for another year and a half.

I am so tired of politics.

The first of the month is also a great time to offer your feeders one more deep cleansing prior to winter months sets in for us in the north nation.

Not a negative behavior to get into as well, for our friends in the south, southwest and also Pacific coast.

Trash To Treasure image 1

This is your last reminder to clean out nest boxes.

Are your water sources great to go?

Are feeders establish for wintertime birds?

This week, there are extra Loss Chores to work with.


As you proceed your backyard and drop clean up, there are a couple of things to consider.

Wearing gloves is a good idea (I will put on gloves when needed).

At the very least for certain jobs that is.

Not just to maintain your hands clean, however your skin takes in plant contaminants as well as some plants have plenty.

Each year I read situations of individuals ending up being nauseated as well as ill from soaking up plant contaminants. (It occurs all the time to tobacco pickers.)

You may know that plants like Monkshood are lethal and also light bulbs cause itchy breakouts on a number of people.

However, do you understand that morning glory vines are toxic too?

People complain concerning headaches or nausea or vomiting as well as have no clue as to why they feel in this manner.

Blurred vision may additionally take place.

morning splendor seeds have actually been utilized for centuries by the native individuals of Mexico, and so on as a source of obtaining high for rituals and also personalizeds.

Today’s young people have uncovered early morning glory seed as a legal way to trip out.

Research has actually discovered the chemical substances of these seeds to be really similar to LSD and also the buzz to be really comparable also.

Specific salvias as well as sages likewise have an obtain high chemical.

Time is running out for us Northern folk as for getting our loss tasks done.

Yes, there is some clean up involved in wildlife yards as well.

With the mild, or damp climate, I am behind on specific jobs.

Not that I always postpone, (I do in some cases) some jobs were postponed since plants still in flower and also there are birds and bees to take pleasure in.

Here is a small list of autumn tasks to think about.

1. Enhance yard beds with garden compost or manure.

If you can work it in, all the far better by next springtime.

2. Gather dried out seed from open pollinated flowers veggies if you intend on growing several of them.

Keep in mind, crossbreeds will certainly not coincide as the plant you selected them from.

Trash To Treasure image 2

Usually, there is a large distinction.

3. Clean bird feeders to obtain them ready for use.

This need to be done often, not just as a fall job.

4. Gather herbs, seed heads and blossoms for drying.

5. Clean conservatories for winter use.

6. Cover water gardens with netting to keep the dropping overlooks.

Tidy pumps and also prepare water plants for wintertime.

7. Maintain trees and also bushes well sprinkled up until the ground freezes.

Also if the fallen leaves have actually dropped, the origins continue to expand until the ground freezes.

This is especially crucial for brand-new growings.

A new planting is anything less than a year.

Two years for trees.

Evergreens really need water, as moisture continues to evaporate from the foliage.

You may require to wrap them with cloth or spray an item called « laquo Evidence raquo on your broad leafed evergreens to aid in wetness retention.

8. Cut back diseased perennials and get rid of all foliage.

not compost this product.

Diseases as well as fungus winter season over as well as when you utilize your compost material, you are spreading the conditions.

some cases I hear about allowing old stalks winter over or I’m letting the birds have the seed. Sick foliage and canes require to be eliminated and trashed.

Diseases and fungi survive, they have for thousands of years.

You can lessen the damages as well as spread out by getting rid of the sick products.

That suggests your high phlox with fine-grained mold or your maple leaves that have tar spot.


Healthy leaf litter continues to be.

9. Clean, sand and oil garden devices prior to storing them for the winter months.

A healthy and balanced device now will be ready when you are next spring.

10. Take cuttings of your faves.

Some for the blossoms to take pleasure in a couple of days more and also some to root for a brand-new planting next springtime.

Trash To Treasure image 3

I’ve discussed this the past number of weeks.

This is likewise a good time to consider relocating your feeders and birdbaths if you stay in the snow belt.

If you can put some feeders closer to your residence, it will certainly be less benefit you to go out on a chilly or snowy day to feed the birds.

Keeping a water resource from freezing needs power.

if you can hook up a bath near your residence.

This is a convenience for you and also for your birds.

Are you recognized to feeding birds?

Perhaps you’ve been feeding for several years.

Here is a web page on feeder area that should provide you some general concepts.

Thanks once again, for your thoughts and petitions.

They have really helped in the past couple of weeks.

God is good all the time.

Well,, it is time to fly in the meantime. Prior to I go, right here is your favorable idea for the week. God Bless.

« laquo Your ability’is God r s
gift to you. What you finish with it is your present back to God. raquo Buscaglia

Well said.

Each of us have one-of-a-kind abilities as well as skills.

Nobody has your unique presents.

Use them.

Just how can we forget God’s present to us. laquo For God so liked the globe that he gave his only,
that whoever counts on him shall not perish however have eternal life.»

raquo 3:16 laquo with the earth well:

It was not offered to you by your parents,

It was loaned to you by your youngsters.

We do not inherit the Planet from our

Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.»

raquo Old Indian Saying

Your buddy undoubtedly,

PS. If you enjoy these letters, please onward them to good friends, family members and co-workers.

Even better, have them join so they can receive their own letters.

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