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Honeysuckle Vegetables and Shrubs in the Portland Area

by Trevor E Holewinski

Honeysuckle is a large plant grouped into two types: shrubs and vines. All have similar characteristics, including tubular flowers, opposite leaves, and fused leaves. The blooms of the Portland variety appear mid-late winter and then develop into an irregular, tangled mass by late summer. The scarlet berries follow the flowers and are a tasty addition to any salad.

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Boxleaf Honeysuckles have beautiful glossy green leaves and are very easy to grow. Lonicera nitida has colorful foliage and small, delicate pink or white flowers hidden in its leaves. The shrubs mature to a height of four to five feet and flower in the spring. Their foliage is green and purple-tinted, and they are hardy in zones 6 and up.

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Boxleaf Honeysuckles are easy to grow and require a container that has adequate drainage. They prefer full sunlight. A sunny location will encourage more flowering. It is important to choose a sunny spot for planting honeysuckles. Make sure the soil has good drainage and is free of weeds. Once the soil has drained, the plant can be planted. Be sure to water it often until the new shoots emerge.

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Several varieties of honeysuckle are available in the Portland area. They usually bloom in the mid-summer months, but some varieties bloom well into the fall. Each variety has distinctive characteristics that make it a great choice for a garden. The flowers are fragrant and produce a sweet nectar. As the plant matures, it produces a cluster of berries that are released in the fall. The foliage is green or purple.

Boxleaf Honeysuckle is easy to grow and has glossy green leaves. Some varieties of this plant are evergreen, and some will bloom into the fall. The yellow and red flowering varieties are the most popular red flowering honeysuckle vines in the Portland area. They will grow to a height of 4-5′ and spread to about two feet, depending on where you live.

Boxleaf Honeysuckle has red and white flowers in mid-summer. This plant is easy to grow and requires minimal care. Most varieties of this plant bloom from late spring to mid-summer. The flowering season lasts into the fall, and some varieties even bloom into the fall. In the spring, this plant will produce tubular flowers that range in color from pastel pink to rich red. The flowers are scented, and the fruit will hang from the tree until the berries are ready to harvest.

There are many different varieties of honeysuckle in Portland, Oregon. This plant is a deciduous vine that is known for its scented, multi-colored flowers. The Oregon variety is called Goldflame Honeysuckle. The flowers are yellow with pink or orange edges, and are highly fragrant. In spring, it grows in a low, shaded area. Its blue flower buds attract birds and other wildlife.

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