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The History of Bird Feeders

by Trevor E Holewinski

The history of bird feeding began many years ago with the invention of the first commercial feeder. According to the book “The Birds of America,” the earliest known feeders were made of plastic. This was a poor substitute for the natural food source available to birds. A few centuries later, a wooden cattle trough with parallel perches was invented by John Freeman Dovaston. It is the earliest physical evidence of the invention of modern bird feeders.

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The first bird feeders were made in the sixth century by American farmers who used to supply the U.S. Army with carrier pigeon seed. After World War II, the demand for this food fell, but the practice of backyard bird feeding continued. In fact, the concept of feeding birds in the backyard was born as a way to help the environment, and the earliest examples of such a practice are from the Middle Ages.

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The earliest bird feed was grown in small farms by American farmers. As a result, many companies that produce birdseed today are descendants of farmers who once provided the U.S. Army with bird food. The demand for carrier pigeon seed declined after the war. However, the conservation ethic was still strong and backyard bird feeding became popular. It is possible that the invention of birdfeeders is traced back to the sixth century.

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The first bird feeders were made in the nineteenth century. The idea was conceived when Thoreau was throwing corn from his back door to the birds. The practice of feeding birds began to spread in the mid-1880s when Florence Merriam Webster’s book, “Birds Through an Opera Glass,” was published. The practice became more widespread by the middle of the nineteenth century, but it did not catch on until the 1980s.

By the mid-1800s, Thoreau was throwing corn to the birds at his Walden Pond. The practice spread across the U.S. and became a popular hobby. In the 1880s, a woman named Florence Merriam Webster wrote a book titled “The History of Bird Feeders” which was widely distributed. After World War II, the practice of feeding birds began to spread across the United States. By the mid-1890s, it had become a common practice.

In the late 1880s, a book titled “The Birds of America” promoted the practice of feeding birds. The book’s author also recommended using bird feeders. By the mid-1890s, most people were feeding birds in their gardens. But by then, the practice was still uncommon. It wasn’t until the 1980s that this practice was widely adopted. But it was a good idea. It helped the birds eat and saved crops.

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