Water Misters
Give Your Birds a Shower

Misters works much along the same line as a dripper does. however, they put out a steady spray of water over a period of time.

You can have it running all day or have it on a timer where it runs for a certain amount of time at any given time of day.

You may want to do this while you are home. Watching birds take a shower and leafing is a real treat.

You can relocate them in your garden from time to time as well.

Hummingbirds and cardinals are rather fond of them. The same birds you see leafing or bathing on wet foliage are the same birds that are attracted to light sprays of water.

Hang it from a tree or shrub.

You may consider attaching one to a favorite hummingbird vine like a trumpet creeper (Campsis).

These birds love to fly through the gentle spray time and again.

Place it where you can enjoy the birds antics. That might be your favorite spot from a deck, porch or even a window view.

water mister

Companies like Avian aquatics has a full line of water products(picture to the right).

You can find these at specialty stores complete with instructions.

If you are handy or know someone handy, you can make your own.

Hoses, clamps, heads and all the necessities used for making Misters can be found at garden centers or specialty catalogs.

You will find yourself spending several minutes at a time as you watch your birds flit through and ruffle their feathers. They may shake and preen and do it all over again. There is something special about the sight and sound of moving water that not only attracts people, but attracts wildlife (birds) as well.

Make sure you have a shut off valve to turn off or adjust the flow of water.

The same systems used to set up above ground irrigation in hanging baskets or flowerbeds is used for this.

They can be used anywhere, and you can water your plants and birds at the same time.

They are very economical to use and can almost guarantee extra and some special bird traffic.

Even if you don't have a birdbath, you can have a Mister running anytime any where.

For your birds and you!

Hook one up and be amazed.

What other water sources will attract birds and other wildlife to your yard?

Misters are One of Several Water Sources.

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