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by Trevor E Holewinski

Concerning Me

There wouldn’t be anything to say concerning me, if hadn’t developed me.

God blessed them, as well as God stated to them, « laquo Be worthwhile and multiply, and fill up the earth and also suppress it, as well as have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air as well as over every living thing that moves upon the earth.»

raquo 1:24 Subdue and also have ascendancy, not destroy planet.

Currently, A Bit Regarding Me.

Hi there,

I’m, yet you

can call me. Together with my better half and also, our special requirements daughter (mind harmed in an auto crash several years ago) we live near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

, the earliest youngster lives close by with our four grand kids and also our kid (center child) resides in California.

I was birthed 18, 1954 ().

I’m the 4th of 8 children of as well as.

I have 6 siblings and also the one sibling.

Growing up a middle youngster was rough sometimes as well as when your only sis is right over you in the chain, that makes it a lot more challenging.

I did the typical child points like precursors, great deals of sports, getting into mischief etc.

. Scouts as well as sporting activities were fun, but they additionally educate discipline, team effort, regard and also a host of positives.

However my first love, even as a young boy was nature. Particularly birds.

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I grew up in country Dorr area in Allegan area, Michigan.

Dust roads, farms as well as a two area institution residence was the order of business.

, timberlands as well as cornfields meant wildlife and also lots of it.

and woods were all there to go through and check out.

The globe was our play ground, and in the future, it came to be a huge knowing center for me (Sad, much of that is gone today).

One point I had over my siblings, was the happiness of nature as well as gardening.

Gardening was a bond I had with my parents and we had a huge yard (one acre plus).

first memory on horticulture was growing peas with my father when I was 6 years of ages. I found a love that continues to today.

Again, as a young child six or seven years of age, I started a life long enthusiasm for birds.

I’m sure it was the flexibility of trip that struck my fancy. That wouldn’t want that capacity to move around so freely

? Once more, as a young kid 6 or 7 years old, I started a life long enthusiasm for birds.

I’m sure it was the liberty of trip that struck my fancy. That wouldn’t desire that capacity to move so easily?

A few years later on, I would share this enthusiasm with my moms and dads as well as got them hooked on yard birding.

As a 10 year old, I developed my initial feeder. A crude platform built from scrap wood and also placed on a brick.

Cracked corn (I ground myself) was all I had to feed the birds, yet they can be found in great numbers during the winter season.

Like many country young boys, I mosted likely to the city to find work as well as in my situation, the love of my life as well.

As they claim, « laquo The Rest Is History»

raquo . I married and also have actually resided in suburbia since (you can’t win them

all)., you can take the child out of the country’, however you can r t take the country out of the

young boy. We have a fantastic love for the and also serve him where we can, as well as the enthusiasm remains to expand.

Undoubtedly, it is our belief that has seen us via several difficult times.

It wasn’t till the very early 1990’s that I finally realized what I wanted to do when I matured.

I put on’t believe I r ll ever truly mature, but you capture my drift.

About Me image 2

Right here I am in my early 40’s as well as ultimately getting an idea what God desires for me.

I believe that occurs to a lot of us (middle age and ultimately understanding).

I have this love for God’s world as well as the nature that surrounds us. I intend to discover more and share it with you.

I want to share what I have actually learned.

Share my interest and also expertise for birds, nature as well as gardening.

Through much of the 90’s to 2002, we had and also ran our own wild bird specialized store. We could no longer make it when the brand-new mall relocated down the road.

Today, I’m still a laquo Michigan Qualified Nurseryman.» raquo together with a couple of various other credentials.

I help others make their lawns and more important, I help them in Gardening For animals’ r by sharing the value of indigenous plants as well as encourage them to bypass harsh chemicals and much more.

Refresher courses and also study brought me closer to the world of birds and also nature.

I remain to take courses and study as high as time allows me.

As a « laquo Wildlife Habitat Biologist» raquo and also laquo National Master Biologist» raquo , I remain to support my interests for wildlife and horticulture and As well as God show to me his remarkable productions.

I give talks and workshops in your area on gardening and also yard bird feeding (ideally an is in me as well).

We continue to live and also enjoy life and « laquo Nature

raquo . I believe God made us guardians of his planet and also we are held liable for just how we treat his development.

I wished to do more!

I want to share my passion and experience with others.

The Web!

That’s it! Currently I r m the sort of man that came kicking as well as yelling right into the 21st century.

I rejected to obtain a cellular phone during that time.

I never ever owned a pager.

When pagers were the in point, I wore my garage door opener on my belt simply to look great.

Simply kidding on that one?

the Internet was new region for me.

About Me image 3

I investigated and also checked out different options as well as hosts.

I also tried a couple of them before I came upon Site Developed It (SBI).

More time and also research for me as well as time to give to our God.

I take pleasure in nature walks and also taking pictures. The natural world offers me time to remove my head, take images and spend peaceful time with my Heavenly Papa.

As the years have actually gone by, I have expanded a little bit as a person and spiritually.

I believe 100% that God is The Maker of the universe as well as every little thing it (including you and me).


If you put on’t recognize God, now is the time to ask into your heart.

If you are a child of, Amen.

That’s a quick little bit about

me. I point out the fur youngsters usually, the image to the right is a current photo of « laquo Ziggy raquo a Toy poodle as well as Akita (Keet). She is a Chihuahua, Pomeranian mix (designer dog).

I share little bits concerning and also.

Share a smile today.

I hope to speak with you quickly.

,, and also God Bless.

« laquo Treat the planet well

it was not given to you by your moms and dads,

it was lent to you by your kids.

We do not acquire the Planet from our Ancestors,

we obtain it from our Kid.»

raquo Old Indian Saying

I hope to learn through you soon,


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