Add Suet Feeders to
Your Feeding Station

By strategically adding Suet Feeders you can attract birds that often wouldn't visit your yard.

All kinds of woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees and other birds love suet.

Your feeders can be as simple as on old onion sack or wire cage.

It can also be a simple log with holes drilled in it or two pieces of wood screwed together to make a sandwich.

They also come with a surrounding cage to keep squirrels and larger birds out and yet others are designed for birds to hang upside down.

Some newer feeders roll and claim to be squirrel proof.

Northern Flicker

It comes in different looks and sizes yet they all serve the same function.

To allow suet loving birds to enjoy the oil rich content within.

A simple onion sack works well with beef fat from the local butcher.

It is large enough for all birds to indulge in the greasy treat. If squirrels are a problem than don't use these sacks.

Also, raw suet will melt and turn rancid as the days grow longer and warmer.

Look for the no melt cakes for your suet feeders.

Wire cages are the most popular design for suet feeders. Often a simple six in square about two inches deep to accommodate your typical suet cake.

You can also buy a suet cage within a larger cage to deter animals and larger birds.

This also deters larger woodpeckers, but i like to attract all of them if I can.

Peal open the packaged suet cake, drop it in and hang it up.

Wire cages also allow anyone and everyone to graze.

I've watched starlings empty a cage within an hour's time.

It is large enough for all birds to indulge in the greasy treat. If squirrels are a problem than don't use these sacks.

Also, raw suet will melt and turn rancid as the days grow longer and warmer.

With my upside down feeder, it minimizes starlings and eliminates grackles all together.

Woodpeckers and nuthatches are frequent visitors to my upside down buffet table.

On occasion, tufted titmice and chickadees will visit it as well.

Log suet feeders are about 15 inches long and longer.

This is a simple log about three inches thick with 1 and 1/2 inch holes drilled through it.

Suet log

You can buy plugs, cakes or make your own to fill these plugs.

Logs minimize nuisance birds from feeding on the suet mixture.

Starlings love suet, but can't cling to the log like woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees can.

Log Suet Feeders can be purchased or readily made at home or by a friend that can use a drill and a 1 and 1/2 inch wood drill bit.

You can drill 3 to 4 holes partially or all the way through the log (no perches).

Fill the holes with store bought plugs or cut up cakes and fill the holes.

You may have your favorite recipes you want to use as well.

Suet sandwich

Sandwich Suet Feeders are two pieces of rough wood.

Measure a couple pieces of rough wood or strips that still have the bark attached.

Measure them your desired size for one cake or two cakes.

Make the wood pieces longer and wider than the suet cakes, because you will be smashing the cake some, but not enough to have suet oozing out every where.

Make it so the suet is slightly inside the two slices of wood.

This is easy for clinging birds to stick long tongues or small heads into the suet between the wood and very difficult for suet stealing birds like starlings.

Don't use smooth wood, it makes it difficult for your desired birds like woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches to cling to.

Place a suet cake(s) between the wood and bolt together by inserting a bolt at each corner and tighten with a wing nut.

Drill another hole on top of the roughened wood to insert a hanging wire or hanger.

A woodpecker can stick its long tongue and bill in to the waiting treats.

Chickadees and nuthatches cling with no problems.

Squirrels and raccoons can raid most feeders, the use of baffles can deter and sometimes stop the bandits. I find that 'Arundale's' Feeders and baffles are the best at deterring attacks from above.

If you feeder is four feet off the ground and not within jumping distance from a deck or other object, the critters can't get to your supplies.

Repellents like 'Scoot Squirrel', are organic and work on the hot sauce concept.

Hot pepper powders are also available, but may cause harm it it gets in a squirrel's or bird's eyes.

These products must be applies a few days in a row until they get the message, and then every few weeks as a reminder.

Pileated woodpecker Where we hang our feeders can make a huge difference as well.

One thing we have a tendency to forget is to clean our Suet Feeders.

These feeders need a good cleaning just like other feeders.

Maybe more so with animals fats and byproducts sticking to them and attracting bacteria and molds.

Soak them in a good cleaning solution and scrub clean.

I like to use oxygen bleach. It foams and soaks off the gunk while sanitizing.

I don't worry about it soaking into the wood of my suet feeder.

Oxygen bleach is all natural and the residue wont harm the birds or my feeder like bleach will.

If you clean with soaps and bleach, be sure to rinse all your feeders a couple of times and let them air dry before you fill and hang them again.

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