Specialty Feeders can
Attract More Birds

However, be careful on what you buy.

Specialty Feeders are gaining ground in the bird feeder market and some are quite unique and handy to have in your yard or wildlife gardens.

Sure there are tube feeders for finches and the special Nyjer seed we offer.

There are feeders for peanuts and other treats as well.

Fruit feeders

Suet feeders

Hummingbird feeders

All fit in the Specialty Feeders category.

Yet there are several feeders on the market that have certain features I like and call special.

I'm not referring to decorative feeders.

Decorative feeders must be functional for the birds and for me.

I want feeders that are easy to fill and clean.

I want a feeder that is going to last for years.

Decorative feeders all to often aren't practical and functionally impaired.

I don't want a feeder that will rust or have to worry about glass breaking.

If I want yard art, I will get yard art, not a feeder that failed me.

What I call Specialty Feeders, are feeders that serve a certain or special function.

Feeders like Duncraft's "Cling A Wing"

This is a feeder designed for small clinging birds like Goldfinches, Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and others.

Fill it with sunflower seed, peanuts or whatever you please.

It's design keeps larger birds away and allows my smaller birds to eat.

I've had one for years.

The Cling a Wing can be hung just about anywhere you hang other feeders.

Or you might hang it from your home's over hang or a simple window hanger so you can enjoy your chickadees and finches up close.

Fill your feeders with Black oil sunflowers, peanuts, no mess blends or sunflower chips.

Feeders that fill a certain niche are ideal for decks and patios.

Specialty Feeders also include "Aspects Vista Dome".

The dome works much in the same way.

You adjust the dome up or down to keep certain birds out.

Droll Yankees has its "Big Top feeder" and the "Winner 1".

There are several well designed and well manufactured window feeders too.

Many with a select clientele in mind.

Why do I pick these feeders?

Because they work and some of them I use.

I like the companies that manufacture them.

They are American made and come with guarantees.

Specialty Feeders also include squirrel resistant or squirrel proof feeders.

Many of these feeders work with springs that trip with the rodents weight.

Others rely on batteries to do the trick.

Many are good feeders.

However, the only squirrel proof feeder I've ever tried is Arundale's "Mandarin Sky Cafe".

This feeder has been around for years and seems to be the market's best kept secret.

The design is so clever

My Sky Cafe is 4 feet off the ground and about 4 feet from the tree trunk it hangs from (picture on lower right corner).

To this day, I have yet to see a squirrel or chipmunk raid this feeder.

It is awesome!

It also is made in America and comes with a warranty.

A squirrel proof feeder that works and I never have to worry about springs weakening or batteries going dead.

(Maybe you've seen posters or tee shirts with the squirrel in a line up or with a mask on and saying feed the birds.)

Many of these Specialty Feeders are found only at specialty stores or online.

It's nice, because the big box stores don't have a chance.

These feeders may cost a bit more, but if you take care of them, they will last and last and in the long or short run, save you from having to buy a new feeder every other year.

(Sky Cafe in my yard, bottom right.)

Here is a picture of squirrels under my Sky Cafe. As many as 6 squirrels will graze below the feeder, but not a on it.

A special UV inhibitor is placed on the feeders to prevent yellowing and cracking.

You wont find that on mass marketed, made over seas feeders.

Do Specialty Feeders have a place in your gardens and feeding stations?

Do you have a special window where you would enjoy watching your winged friends up close?

A feeder just for clinging birds is a must to have.

Specialty Feeders are a Big Part of Bird Feeding

Choose the Right Feed

Feeder Placement

Predators and Pests

Offer Fresh Water

Turn Your Yard Into a Wildlife Habitat

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