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Look for a good deal, but choose your Platform Feeder wisely. .

When I was a 10 year old boy, I started feeding birds.

My first feeder was an old piece of plywood and some base board nailed together.

I placed it on some rocks near the shrubs and flower garden and WALA, my first feeder.

Back then I only fed birds in the winter months, but that contraption lasted for a few years.

Fly Through Platform feeder

Today, I feed the birds year round and a platform feeder is still part of my arsenal.

Several folks like these feeders, because they are simple and the greatest variety of birds will visit them.

Like all other feeders, they come in different shapes and sizes.

They come with legs, some have roofs, yet others hang or pole mount.

This feeder is also well built or, it can be cheaply built.

It should be no larger then one square foot.

A platform feeder any larger is asking for trouble in the way of sick birds.

You see, birds defecate wherever and other birds peck away to find seeds where the poop is.

Not Good.

This is one reason why I don't like tray on my tube feeders and why I minimize the use of my platform feeder.

By using a smaller feeder and limiting the feed you place on it, you can minimize this problem.

With larger hopper feeders, birds are all over the place.

Woodlink Platfgorm feeder

Roofs are good to some extent, but if you keep the food level low wet seeds aren't a big issue anyway.

Is your hopper feeder going to hang?

Be sure that it is hanging by chains or cables.

Ropes and cords will rot away within a year or two.

Take care of that now.

You can feed your birds all kinds of seed from a platform.

Jays will jump in for a mouth full of peanuts.

Ground feeding birds will hop on for millet cracked corn or sunflowers.

Yes, these feeders can become the buffet tables in your yard.

Though it is very important to keep it clean and proper location in your yard and gardens help as well.

We use ours in the winter months only.

It is placed on the patio table just a few feet from the door where we can watch the birds and just two steps outside and I can clean and fill with no problem.

The rest of the year there the ground birds forage throughout the yard and gardens.

Okay, now you know what to look for in a platform feeder and how to use it.

Placement can be anywhere in the open, but near protection.

Like near a flower garden or hanging from a shade tree.

You must consider protection and the safety of your birds at all times.

Birds are more open to predation from a ground platform then any other feeder.

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