Useful Links and Resources

Roger Tory Peterson Institute: The Master's legend lives on. Be sure to visit the RTP Institute.

Tips for Midwest Gardens: Find help here for the ordinary challenges of gardening in the cold climates in the North and Midwest. Learn which plants are hardy enough to thrive in your growing zone, as well as the "micro-climates" within your yard. Let my friend Sharon help you.

Alfred's horticulture degree has enabled him to establish one of the largest landscape contracting companies in the Nashville, Tn area. Julia, is a Master Gardener as well as a professional floral designer and garden crafter. With over 25 years of professional horticulture know how, their experience can save you time and money in your mid-south and mid-southeast gardens. You can't go wrong here.

Michigan Birding Network: Is a new and exciting forum with 'The best of Great Lakes Birding'. My friend Sandy has put some time into creating and developing a forum where you are #1. Ask questions, share experiences, show your photographs and more. Michigan Birding Network, for those that live in Michigan or the Great Lakes Region and beyond. Develop friendships that can last a life time (birding has that effect).

Simple Living; Join Jean Pell on a Journey of living the simple life. A journey, where Nature and wildlife become focal points, and meant to be enjoyed as God intended.

Lorraine's Water Garden: and more. Lorraine is a long time reader and friend of "Gardening for Wildlife". She shows how how easy and fun it is to create your own water garden and more.

Nature And Flower Pictures,: where thousands of images are blooming. Come enjoy a walk in the park any time of day.

Great Gardening Resources: I love wildlife, and encourage everyone to enjoy the nature that surrounds them, especially children. Gardening is an easy and educational way to do that. If gardening attracts wildlife, I'm all for it.

Cindy...... this is just for you and your teacher.

Building A Shed: Every gardener needs an outbuilding to store their tools, or possibly a hiding place. Follow these instructions and you can build your own shed.

Grab some help while you are at it. Your child or grandchild. Maybe a neighbor's help mate. Get a young mind (and body) involved in gardening and nature and step back.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds: Do you have a question on birds? Any birds? Click on this site and be amazed.

Great Backyard Bird Count: Join thousands of amateur scientists every February for the Great Backyard bird count. Your participation helps the experts understand the world of birds.

Click the above link and lend a helping hand, you will enjoy the time.

American Bird Conservancy: Information on the health of bird populations. The dangers that feral and domesticated cats have on our bird population, killing in the billions.

Toxins are killing our birds and more.

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