Water Drippers

Attract more Birds with the Sound of Water

Why Drippers?

That's easy, they attract birds.

The sight and sound of moving water can attract birds like metal shavings to a magnet.

There is something about that sound and the sight of moving water.

Shoot, even people are attracted to moving water.

Some birds you may never have seen before like warblers are attracted to the sounds of DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.

Chickadees will hang from it and drink the drops as they come out.

Yet other birds notice the ripple on your birdbath and come to enjoy your offerings.

A dripper is so easy to set up and the rewards can be priceless.

You can have it splash on a rock to attract attention or have it drip away in your birdbath, keeping the water fresh and full.

Avian Aquatics (picture to the right) makes a full line of water sources, just for bird enthusiasts. They come fully equipped and ready to hook up.

Check your favorite specialty store for drippers.

You can make your own as well by getting the hose and all the parts from a garden supply or lawn care center.

Start out with 50 foot of hose minimum, unless your birdbath or where you want your dripper is closer to your outdoor faucet or end of a hose.

Be sure to have an adjustable shut off valve to control the flow of water.

You can make your own bracket or weight to mount it in or on bath. If hanging is your choice, look for clips that wont harm a branch.

Another option is to make your own with a milk jug and poke a hole in it and let it drip away. Figure you will have to fill the jug once or twice a day.

Hang it from a tree and place a decorative pot over it so it doesn't look so tacky.

Once you have one up and running, you will wonder why you never had one before.

Water makes all the difference in the world if you really want to attract birds and other wildlife to your habitats.

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