A Butterfly Friendly Yard

What Does it Take?

A butterfly friendly yard is one that is welcoming to butterflies.

Soon it will attract more individuals and possibly more species as well.

A butterfly friendly yard will have sunny open areas and abundant nectar flowers that draw the attention of butterflies.

Hedges and other windbreaks offer protection from strong breezes. This keeps them flying among your flowers in times when they might be seeking safety.

As time goes on, you will begin to notice which flowers attract the most butterflies and what species prefer which flower.

Keeping a journal allows you to fine tune your butterfly friendly yard.

Your records allow you to fine tune your gardens and flowers beds by adding to or replacing plants until you have a mixture sure to please your visitors.

Butterfly plant

A photo journal comes in handy.

Take pictures of your flower beds every 10 to 14 days.

Over the course of a season, you will have an idea of what your yard looks like and what you can do to improve it for next year.

Incorporate host plants into your yard and garden.

Host plants are plants the female lays her eggs on or near. As the eggs hatch, tiny caterpillars or larvae start eating away.

In a few weeks they pupate and later become adult butterflies.

You want to keep the cycle going in your yard. It is a delight to these watch newly hatched insects flitting around your yard and gardens.

You may have discovered a chrysalis hidden away and brought inside to watch the miracle unfold.

By adding fruit trees and fruit feeders, you can make your gardens alluring to butterflies that do not depend on nectar.

A Butterfly Friendly Yard:

Water sources and mud puddles are a must to attract them to your gardens.

This allows certain butterflies a means of moisture and nutrients that flowers may not offer.

Because we enjoy watching these flying insects, it is easy to forget that providing for their needs can be extremely beneficial.

Butterflies are greatly affected by alterations or destruction of natural habitats.

Providing a friendly yard you increase the chances for future generations of certain species and maybe attract some new ones as well.

An abundance of host plants improves the chances for populations to maintain and increase.

A reliable supply of nectar and other foods in a sheltered garden may also give butterflies an edge.

Offer water and protection in your gardens and yard.

A sunny open area with a rock or two for your butterflies to warm themselves in the morning before they start the hard day.

common buckeye butterfly

Your yard will give you hours of enjoyment and education as you observe the habits of your butterflies.

You may want to interact more closely as nature unfolds in front of you.

Butterflies are truly winged marvels that attract your kids and grand kids.

Watch and learn as flying flowers help bring your gardens to life.

You may want to keep a butterfly journal of take up photography.

Know the Butterflies that Visit Your Butterfly Friendly Yard.

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Your gardens will attract other wildlife as well.

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