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Mothers Day Letter
May 08, 2009

And you thought I forgot Mothers Day.

Now who can forget about mom.

You may also be asking......................

What does Mothers Day have to do with "Gardening For Wildlife?"

Well, we do call the natural world "Mother Nature"

Nature gives birth everyday and provides for all of us everyday.

I think that qualifies as a nice Mothers Day wish for Nature, don't you?

But this isn't the real reason for this Mothers Day letter.

Old time readers know I try to put out a special letter to all the moms out there, and I hold close to my heart all the responses you sent me when my mom went to be with her Lord three and a half years ago.

This is a simple letter to all the moms and those that had to be mom.

A mom isn't just the woman that gave birth (some don't deserve to be parents)

You mother may have passed early in life.

Mom and also be your dad, grand parents, aunt, sister, etc.

That special person that took care of you.

The person that knew what to say and when to say it.

The one that had a shoulder for you to cry on and could help mend a broken heart.

She (or he) would stay up at night when you were sick, and worry when you didn't come home on time.

A special person that went to school plays, sporting events and talked to teachers.

All of those little things we may not remember, but they were important then and now.

You see, all those little things that may have gone unnoticed, helped to make you who you are today.

Yes, your mom or mother figure in your life played a huge part in your development.

Now is the time to say "Thank You Mom"

Instead of me rambling on, I found a poem and a few other things that you may enjoy.

I will be back Monday with another "Gardening For Wildlife" newsletter.

God Bless you and God Bless All Moms Everyday.

Mother's Prayer

I was but a youth and thoughtless, as youths are apt to be; Though I had a Christian mother who had taught me carefully.

There came a time when pleasure of the world came to allure, And I no more sought guidance of her love so good and pure.

Her tender admonitions fell but lightly on my ear, And for the gentle warnings, I felt an inward sneer.

But mother would not yield her boy to Satan's sinful sway, And though I spurned her counsel, she knew a better way.

She made my room an altar, a place of secret prayer, And there she took her burden and left it in His care.

And morning, noon and evening by that humble bedside low, She sought the aid of Him who understands a mother's woe.

I went my way unheeding, careless of the life I led, Until one day I noticed prints of elbows on my bed.

I saw that she had been there, praying for her wayward boy, Who for love of worldly pleasure would her peace of mind destroy.

Long the conflict raged within me, sin against my mother's prayers, Sin must yield - for Mother never , while she daily met Him there.

And her constant love and patience were like coals upon my head, Together with the imprints of her elbows on my bed.

And so at last the fight was won, and I to Christ was led, And mother's prayers were answered By her elbows on my bed.

(Author unknown)

Be-Attitudes for Mothers

Blessed are the Mothers who love God, for their children shall not be ignorant of their Creator and His plans concerning them.

Blessed are the Mothers who love the word of God, for their children shall know of the way, the truth and the life.

Blessed are the Mothers who love the house of God, for their children shall enter there and sit with them in the presence of God.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to pray, for their children shall feel the power of prayer and many shall find salvation.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to give to the cause of Christ, for their children shall become supporters of the Kingdom of God.

Blessed are the Mothers who love the family altar, for they shall have their reward in this world and in the world to come.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to speak kind words to their neighbor's children, for thereby they shall win other boys and girls besides their own to Jesus Christ.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to be companions to their children, for they shall be called understanding Mothers.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to fight life's battles bravely with a strong and steadfast faith in God, for their children shall know where to find strength in time of need.

Blessed are the Mothers who, when they are old and gray, can look back upon memory's wall with no regret and can say, "I brought my children up in the fear of the Lord." Theirs are the mansions in glory.

(Author unknown)

Thanks Mom!

Thanks for every lunch you packed

And every dinner I attacked.

Thanks for all your great advice

And helping me to turn out nice.

Thanks for every buck you lent

Not mention ones you spent.

Thanks for all the love you shared

And every time you showed you cared.

Thanks for all the things you've done

As mothers go, you're number one.

Excerpts From: The Power of A Mothers Prayer by Ruth Whitfield

My mother is in glory now and it's a comfort to know that the Lord continues to honor those prayers.

It encourages me to continue to pray for my own children and grandchildren no matter how uncertain their futures or what they are currently facing.

I am sure that there are bittersweet moments for each of us whose parents have gone on to be with the Lord.

We remember them.

We miss them.

We now realize how wise they really were. Our hope in the Lord is that we will see them again and enjoy His presence together.

Except for Eve, the mother of all living, we've all been blessed with mothers. Our mothers helped shape who we are today—for good or not so good.

We learned from their example and from their mistakes. And when we had children of our own we realized what a challenge they faced raising us.

Some of us are privileged to have our moms around to help us with our own children. They bring the wisdom of experience and offer their time, love and energy to the task.

What a blessing to have a doting grandma to pour unconditional love on our offspring!

But even with all that, the Holy Spirit is our best adviser, teacher and counselor.

He knows what's best for each child and can give us the insight to know what each needs and how to pray His will concerning each one.

God hears a mother's prayer.

I am thankful for His instruction and "coaching"

Without the Lord, we would not have made it. Time and time again, He would admonish me to trust Him

God is worthy of our trust.

Surely, He knows what's best for us and for our children. He is totally trustworthy.

Sometimes we worry when we don't see our children going in the direction we feel would be best for them.

Yet we have His promise that if we raise them and train them in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from them (see Prov. 22:6).

Though they may stray as they try to find their own way in life, they will return to what was instilled in them (see 2 Tim. 3:15).

It's a promise.

Perhaps you are a single parent wrestling with raising your children and working full time. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

You wonder how you are going to make it through another day.

Take heart.

You are not alone. The Holy Spirit will provide and direct you each step of the way.

Our Father hears a mother's prayer.

Trust Him.

If God has blessed you with a special-needs child, know that He has given you a treasure.

It may not feel that way sometimes.

You may feel as if you are the only one carrying the responsibility relating to your child, your spouse, your other children and the household.

And if you also work outside the home it's a balancing act like no other.

But His grace will enable you to do all He requires of you. You will learn the meaning of unconditional love and enjoy deep fellowship with Him.

His love and grace is available—and it's free.

Perhaps your children are grown and your mom is in her golden years and needing care.

The tables have turned and you are now the caregiver and she is the one needing your help. It's difficult for her to transition from total independence to needing care and provision.

Do you struggle with the demands of your own family and her needs?

Well, you are not alone.

Honoring your mom in this season takes as much grace as handling a household of kids, a special-needs child, a full-time job and a cranky husband.

But God is able to sustain you and go even beyond your need.

He is there to give you His sufficiency, rest and restoration as you take time to get alone with Him.

No matter what season of life you are walking through, the Lord is there for you.

As a daughter honoring her mother, a mother enjoying her children or one who is pulled in many directions at once, our God is more than able to provide you with everything you need to make this the most wonderful season of your life.

Remember that God answers a mother's prayer.

Happy Mother's Day!

That was some good stuff.

God Bless You All and I'll be back on Monday (Lord willing).

"Treat the earth well:

It was not given to you by your parents,

It was loaned to you by your children.

We do not inherit the Earth from our

Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Ancient Indian Proverb

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

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Gardening For Wildlife.

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