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Gardening For Wildlife, Issue #001 -- testing for new program
January 29, 2007

Testing, Testing

One, two, three.

One, two, three. If you are getting this, then I actually did something right.


I'm not the most computer savvy person around that's for sure.

In fact, the big computer puked on me.

I think I killed it this time.

Thank goodness for lap tops.

So, Why did I switch from Backyard Birding Tips to "Gardening For Wildlife"?

There are a few reasons:

Some readers were getting confused and looking for nothing but tips on backyard birds and they wanted it to read like an encyclopedia.

You know, all facts and figures.

There is much more to backyard birds then a few tips.

Backyard birders enjoy wildlife in general.

That includes butterflies, frogs, mammals, etc.

It also means trees, shrubs, flowers and all the goodies that go into attracting birds and other wildlife.

By going to a new format, it forces me to give you more of what you may want to hear or learn.

It forces me to work on writing skills that I lack.

It also allows me to get on my orange crate from time to time and I like that.

Hopefully it will be a win, win for everyone.

The old program was costing me to much and there were to many problems or issues on getting the newsletter out with consistency all the time.

To many of you weren't getting it on a regular basis and I was getting frustrated by that.

I hope the new program allows for everyone to get this letter with fewer problems.

Now, I haven't figured out everything yet so bare with me.

For example, I have no idea how many of you transferred over here.

Trying to figure things out for the new web site and doing it on a tiny lap top is taking more time than I had hoped for.

There is so much more in building that. In time I will tweak some pages.

All in all, I am learning a lot of stuff.

That isn't so bad is it?

Newsletters will be pretty much the same and I will try to continue on a weekly basis as many of you asked for.

When We all settle in, I would like to have another favorite bird issue.

Maybe a special garden plant or other wildlife you attract.

Speaking of settling in, Winter has done that hasn't it?

It brings the birds right up near the windows.

The mourning dove flock continues to grow, I'm up to 17 at a time.

There are five pair of cardinals right now. Last year we had seven pair before winter was over.

Tree sparrows are making themselves at home.

There are several robins that stop by. There aren't many fruits left for them to glean from the trees anymore.

I suppose I could string some raisons for them.

Replaced the thistle sock Saturday. The old one finally wore out. I've done that in years past.

We've gained close to an hour of daylight since the winter solstice. I like that, I like that a lot.

I had some X-rays taken of my neck this past Thursday. I wont know the results for a few days.

I knew I had a titanium plate in my neck, but I had no idea it was a good 3 inches long and 3 screws close to an inch long.

I wonder if I'll set off any metal detectors?

Hope not, they didn't give me a special card to let people know about that.

I will see the surgeon on February 8.

Hopefully he'll tell me everything is fine.

Creating the web site is helping me with the cabin fever. Though I do get frustrated quite easily.

I want it to have my personality, and have it so you can understand it.

But I want it to be perfect too.

Currently, I am working on native trees for regional gardens. So be sure to check in from time to time.

Are there any specials things you would like me to write about?

A special bird, butterfly or plant?

I'm sorry for not being to news worthy today.

My main concern is getting this out and hoping it gets to you.

If it does, I hope you let me know.

Next week I can get back to business.

Time to fly <>.

Smile pretty.

January will be over soon and that means one less month till SPRING

Share your smile with a stranger.

As always

"Treat the earth well: It was not given to you by your parents, It was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Ancient Indian Proverb

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

PS. Feel free to forward to friends and family.

Gardening For Wildlife.

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