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Gardening For Wildlife, Tribute to Moms
May 10, 2007

Every year I take time to make a guick tribute to moms.

No gardening or wildlife tips today, that returns next week.

Until then, help me as I Honor Moms

It's nice to have the one day a year set aside to honor moms.

Still, wouldn't it be nice if we could show honor and respect for our parents and elders all the time?

Now, a mom doesn't have to be the woman that gave birth to you.

Mom can be adopted, your aunt, grandmother, or older sibling.

Heck, mom can be your dad.

Often single parents are both mom and dad.

We need to feel blessed that God made us who we are.

Insects lay eggs, go off and die.

Toads and frogs lay eggs and never give it a second thought.

Most other creatures, lay eggs or give birth to their young, raise them to a certain age and boot them out of the house/territory.

Yes, some animals like elephants, lions and primates have their families and offspring is part of the group hang. Yet they too boot out males at a certain age.

Guys, can you imagine the lonely existence without companionship and family?

Our parents are always our parents till the day we become orphans.

Moms never stop being mom.

I was blessed enough to have my mom for 51 of my 53 years.

As I grew up and older, mom became more than mom.

Mom was a confidant.

Someone her children could always come to.

Yes, I bent mom's ear several times.

Sometimes she would just listen and other times their was advice.

Advice not always taken, but still it was given freely.

She became a friend as well, she wasn't just mom.

Our parents are always parenting to some degree.

At least we hope they are.

Now that includes the folks that helped to raise you into the fine person you are today.

Isn't it amazing how wise they become as well grow up?

Moms are different in many ways than dads, however.

Moms kiss booboos, bandage knees, and help mend a broken heart. Dads of my day told you to suck it up and men didn't cry (this man cries).

They cook our favorite meals at times and so many more things that go unnoticed.

Spend special time with us, even if it's just a ride home from baseball practice. It was my time with my mom.

I grew up with 6 brothers and a sister (I'm 4 of 8), still mom found time for her kids.

Moms are like that you know.

Moms build memories and hopefully raise us to be responsible adults/big kids one day.

Wise parents let you dream, and march to a different beat.

How boring for everyone to live the same way.

Can you imagine life without that special someone to guide you, to talk to about you family etc.

How blessed we are not to be like the animals.

Hatch/be born.

Learn how to survive (hopefully)

Never to see our family again.

If you still have a living parent, or some other person that raised you, mentored you and loved you, take the time to say thank you and I love you to them.

Take a moment and say thank you to your moms that are no longer with us, I do all the time.

As time has gone by without my parents, I have learned to respect and appreciate them more.

I wish now, that I would've told them that more often when they were alive.

I try to encourage Karen to do more with her mom these days.

When asked why, I simply tell her ...................... memory makers.

So, to all the moms out there,


I know this isn't my typical mothers day tribute of years past.

Still, you understand how fortunate we are to be whom we are and to have the families God gave us.

A very special Tribute to All Moms

Smile and God Bless.

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

Gardening For Wildlife.

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