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July 27, 2020

Any bag, box, or suitcase, left out or open, one or both of the cats will investigate.

Here is Miss Penny checking out a bag.

We heading to Petoskey, MI for a couple days this week.

Yes, Yolanda is coming with us.

In years past, Karen and I would spend a few days in Petoskey, and Yolanda respite at Hope Network.

Not this year.

It looks like we may not get the well needed break this year.

Still, we get away from home, face masks and all.

Any E-mails will not be answered right away.

The yard has been busy this past week.

New generations of birds appear, or leave.

Pictured are the young Tree Swallows one last time, as they left us, leaving the plastic gourds a lonely place.

You will see a picture of a juvenile Northern Cardinal.

A juvenile Red-bellied woodpecker.

And a couple pictures of some recently fledged Blue jays. (there were three of them).

Notice the heads of the Blue jays.

Feathers haven't grown in completely and the crown is small and more black in color.

The first day or two, they were being fed by the parents.

Now they show up as a family and feed on their own.

Saturday evening, mom and dad Tufted-titmouse brought their new family as well.

If I can get a picture, I will share that too.

'Built It, And They Will Come'.

The girls were touched up (beauty wise),  on Tuesday.

With the excessive heat, a haircut was in order.

A couple pictures of flowers this past week.

Some Personal Reflections.


I love to get away and watch the world around me.

I enjoy spotting wildlife and even land formations.

Though it may be a big blow to you and me, we need nature, nature doesn't need us.

If humans were to disappear tomorrow, the natural world, would do just fine (actually better).

Whole ecosystems would be reborn.

Healthy prairies, wetlands, savannas and more would come back to life.

Nature's balance would eventually return, if we haven't messed it up to much with non natives and invasive species.

You know, Kudzu, Zebra mussels, Emerald ash borer.

Rats, Chinese carp, House sparrows, European starlings and more.

If the natural world as we know it disappeared, how would humans do?

We have the power to rationalize, which includes the ability to fool ourselves.

That is what we do when we think we can do better than God, when we mess with his creations.

We attempt to tame nature and our surroundings to make ourselves feel better and more powerful (the fear of the unknown).

In doing so, we destroy and distance ourselves even further from the natural world.

We have access to the world around us, we don't need to destroy it.

Indigenous peoples live in jungles, deserts, forests, secluded islands, and mountains.

They've been doing it for thousands of years, and surviving without destroying.

These societies continue to pass down knowledge and to show appreciation for nature, not destroy it.

Our North American native people, lived in harmony with nature.

Indeed, the earth was a living being to care for and honor, not to destroy or take advantage of.

Living in their own societies as people and in comfort with animals and their surroundings.

Taking only what they needed and giving back.

Making sure there was something still living.

Making sure their was something for the next guy that may come along.

'Thanking Nature' and life for providing.

Fully in tune with life in all ways.

Native Americans knew that humans were the weak link in the circle of life.

So called civilization proved them to be correct.

Here in the "civilized world", we have separated ourselves from the natural world.

We call ourselves superior.

A species that can create, develop and destroy.

We continue to kill off the better, more natural world and the natural self within.

No other species destroys God's planet the way we do.

No matter how much we are afraid of different civilizations and nature's unknowns, no matter how much we ravage, pollute, and destroy our earth.

Our nature, our roots yearn for more.

To be fulfilled.

After stripping the land of its natural beauty, we turn around and plant a few trees along the streets and in our yards and call it nature.

We fill in wetlands and alter streams, then we build water gardens and even put water features in the lobbies of large buildings.

We decorate our homes with paintings, flowers, and landscapes.

Even the smallest apartment may have room for a window box or planter.

(They fledged sometime last Monday.)


Nature is in us.

We plan and save all year to take a week or two of vacation, and where do we spend vacation time?

You got it.

By the lake, in the mountains or the woods.

Yes, we figure a week or two of hiking, fishing, camping or relaxing near the water is a cure all.

Why do we do it?

Without some connection with Mother Nature, we feel isolated.

Our world feels cold.

We are a mess.

Part of us dies within.

We need nature.

Now I like a nice vacation as much as the next person and truth be told, it takes me the first couple of days just to learn how to unwind and relax.

I can be a tense person, always on the move, wanting to see more around me etc.

It shouldn't be that way, however.

We should already be relaxed enough to appreciate our world and nature.

If we were dropped off in an isolated jungle or island, odds are you and I wouldn't make it a week without some training first.

Indigenous people know the land and understand the risks that certain animals and plants bring.

They also have learned what plants and insects they can eat and what to avoid.

They are one with nature.

Their senses are so alive, so keen, that they see most things around them.

Many of us take a simple walk in our own yards and gardens and haven't a clue.

Do you know the life and life struggles that take place everyday in your yard?

You may stomp every insect you see, mostly because of ignorance or the fear of the unknown.

93% of all species are beneficial insects, yet you may want to kill them off.

If you are planning some time away in the woods, a park or camp ground, even some time near the water.

Take some time to learn from the best teacher.

Mother Nature.

Learn how she provides for every living thing.

Stop and watch a frog or a dragonfly.

Take time to observe toadstools or the venation of a tree leaf.

Smell the air, listen to the sounds of God's world we are stewards over.

You will enjoy your vacation and life at home more if you spend more time training and learning about the life around you.

Understand the sun and clouds, the time of day, shade and shadows.

Even the wind blowing.

When and where are your best chances to spot wildlife.

You will enjoy your natural experiences that much more if you have a feeling or some understandings.

Know when to hunt for food or with a camera.

I grew up a country boy and many of those keen senses are still with me.

I can't count the times I will spot something in our gardens or elsewhere and Karen will ask me how I spotted that or something along that line.

Suburban life and all the fancy gizmos dull the senses.

It also dulls our appreciation and needs for the natural world, yet we still yearn to be near it at times.

Hopefully you get the idea.

We need the natural world,

We need to spend time planning to enjoy life around us every day, not just vacations or holidays.

I have read before, that most people spend more time saving and planning for trips than they do mapping out the rest of the year.

Life is short, there is no second chance.

Live it to its fullest.

Enjoy the living world around you, the way our Creator intended for us.

Being a good steward, you not only serve and protect today, but you pass your skills and understanding to future generations.

Yes, we also have a gift of learning (and I love to learn).

Pass it on.

Well, it's time to fly for now.

Before I go, here is your positive thought for the week.

God Bless.

"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips".

Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) Irish Writer

Gods word o this topic.

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

And by this we will know that we belong to the truth, and will assure our hearts in His presence."

1 John 3:18

"Treat the earth well:

It was not given to you by your parents,

It was loaned to you by your children.

We do not inherit the Earth from our

Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Ancient Indian Proverb.

A Blessed week to you .

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

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Gardening For Wildlife.

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