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Smells Of Spring
April 22, 2019

April full moon is called the Pink Moon.

(Picture taken April 19, Good Friday.)

Heralded the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox one of the first spring flowers.

It has also been called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

Thank you for the many Easter wishes and Blessings.

I am indeed a blessed man.

The fur pups are finally getting along quite well, most of the time.

The kitty cats, not so.

Brandy the poodle pup has brought new 'everything' to our home.

Or so it seems.

If you know anything about me, you know that Spring is by far my favorite time of the year.

After a long winter of snow, cold and sometimes weeks of sunless days, who wouldn't look forward to a change.

Winter does play a part in my appreciation for Spring, but it is much more than that.

Spring bring life.

This is why I believe Resurrection Sunday (Easter), is in the spring.

(A male Cardinal Last Sunday in the snow.)

A promise that life springs eternal.

As the days grow longer, birds and other wildlife become more active.

Yes, the length of day dictates as well as the weather dictates.

As the days grow warmer, the grass turns green.

Flowers begin to bloom and trees and other plant life wakes up.

Insects wake up and eggs hatch.

You might even see or feel love in the air.

Everyone knows the smell of Spring.

The smells that makes everyone want to spend the day outside, that reminds us all of summers past.

Digging the earth, planting flowers and veggies.

The feel and the smell of Spring.

Most people love the smell of Spring. Well, maybe not everyone.

But I on't know a soul that doesn't like the smell of fresh cultivated dirt, or the smell of rain.

I've touched on these topics before, it is time to do it again.


(Notice the stark contrast between a male and female Red-winged blackbird.)

Have you ever thought about the feeling when you take off your shoes and walk on green grass, wade in a stream?

How about freshly tilled dirt?

When you walk through a pile of fallen dried leaves or listen to the wind rustling through the tree leaves?

When you smell the sweet fresh fragrance of earth?

You feel something deep within when you smell fresh fresh soil.

It is one of those mysteries that takes you back to a place in time.

The smell of soil invokes something so deep that it never really can be described.

Describe the smell of soil in a forest, freshly tilled field, or in a swamp?

They are all different.

Have you ever wondered if fresh tilled soil has always had the same sweet aroma?

(The Gardenia continues to bloom.)

Actually it’s not the soil we smell but the bacteria that enters the soil through the 'Geosmin'.

It’s the bacteria that is producing the chemical that we smell.

The smell will be different depending on where the soil is found.

Healthy, productive soils should smell fresh, clean and pleasant or have little odor at all.

If the soil smells like ammonia or has a rotten odor that is a good indication there is poor drainage or lack of oxygen in the soil.

Stagnant swamp, or ditches where decay can sit for a season or more.

The unique smell is because soil is not just dirt.

Healthy soil is living and is a complex ecosystem with an abundance of bio-diversity.

Here is a thought for you.

'Land, then, is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals'.

Soil contains the circle of life.

(Mourning Doves enjoying the birdbath as the chill for a spell.

They sat there for quite some time.)

But what makes rain smell so nice?

There are several scents associated with rainfall that people find pleasing.

One of these odors, called 'Petrichor,' lingers when rain falls after a prolonged dry spell.

Some plants secrete oils during dry periods, and when it rains, these oils are released into the air.

The second reaction that creates petrichor occurs when chemicals produced by soil-dwelling bacteria known as actinomycetes are released.

These aromatic compounds combine to create the pleasant petrichor scent when rain hits the ground.

Another scent associated with rain is 'Ozone'.

During a thunderstorm, lightning can split oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere, and they in turn can recombine into nitric oxide.

This substance interacts with other chemicals in the atmosphere to form ozone, which has a sharp smell faintly reminiscent of chlorine.

(Male Downy woodpecker)

When you say, you can smell rain coming, it may be that wind from an approaching storm has carried ozone down from the clouds and into the person's nostrils.

Or winds blow 'petrichor' your direction.

When those first fat drops of summer rain fall to the hot, dry ground, have you ever noticed a distinctive odor?

How many times have you said to yourself or someone else "I Smell Rain".

Of course rain itself has no scent.

But moments before a rain event, an “earthy” smell known as petrichor does permeate the air.

You might call it musky, fresh—generally pleasant.

Our noses can detect just a few parts of geosmin per trillion of air molecules.

This smell actually comes from the moistening of the ground.

Just before a rain event, the air becomes more humid and the ground begins to moisten.

This process helps to speed up the activity of the actinobacteria and more geosmin is formed.

Before you see it, do you smell it?

Creation is full of smells, some for our pleasure and some as warning devices.

Well, it is time to fly for now.

Before I go, here is your positive thought for the week.

God Bless.

“Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

Robert Kiyosaki (1947 - )

Fear is a powerful force, especially if you don't harness, or conquer it.

Fear has killed dreams and relationships

Fear is one of devil's prime tools.

God's word says....

"There is no fear in love.

But perfect love drives out fear,

Because fear has to do with punishment.

The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:18

"Treat the earth well:

It was not given to you by your parents,

It was loaned to you by your children.

We do not inherit the Earth from our

Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Ancient Indian Proverb.

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

A Blessed week to you .

Your friend indeed,

Ron Patterson

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